National Halloween Costumes


Go local this Halloween with these super Singaporean get-ups. Confirm win one.


1. Annabel Chong


(some of you boys may be too young to know who I am… Google it, come on)

You’ll need:

  • Black, Anna-Wintour-bob wig
  • Sheer bra and panty ensemble
  • And a whole lotta confidence
  • Come to think of it this maybe one works better if you’re a guy


2. Adrian Tan



You’ll need:

  • A t-shirt that says “I wrote the Teenage Textbook”
  • A copy of the Teenage Textbook, as proof that it’s an actual thing
  • A clipped ACS-boy accent will help too


3. Tin Pei Ling


(or if you’re in a hurry, just do “peace fingers” at your cheeks and smile widely)

You’ll need:

  • White button-down shirt and white trousers
  • PAP lapel pin
  • Empty Kate Spade bag box, with bow
  • Bland personality and zero sense of humour
  • Kawaii pose with peace sign is optional


4. Opposition leader, Low Thia Khiang


You’ll need:

  • Pastel blue shirt and pants
  • Receeding hairline
  • Placard saying: Bring back Teletext!


5. Riz Low

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.36.27 PM

You’ll need:

  • Leopard print-anything
  • To pronounce it “leper preenz” all night
  • A fake Miss World tiara
  • Sash that says: “Hashtag Boomz”


6. Xiaxue


You’ll need:

  • A long blonde wig, fake eylashes and over the top makeup and nails
  • As much sparkly pink stuff as possible
  • Kawaii peace sign pose is mandatory


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