Old skool vs new cool


Traditional and online media battle it out and we decide the winners….



Journalist VS Blogger


WINNER: It depends. For both journalists and bloggers the bad ones are bad, the good ones are good. But journalists get paid more.


DVD Vs Bit torrent


WINNER: DVD. Who can beat the quality, reliability, uninterrupted viewing and special features? And not having to fuss around with 20 links before we can press play. Plus we like our subtitles to be grammatically correct.


BBC vs Huffington Post


WINNER HuffPo. They get the story first,  and manage to remain cool and current while keeping their high-brow intelligence. Sorry Beeb, you only do the last one very well. And you’re slightly pompous.


SLR vs Instagram


WINNER Instagram. Because there is no like button on an SLR. Not to mention, instagram is free.


The Library vs E-reader


WINNER E-reader. For speed, convenience and portability, the e-reader takes the cake. Plus E-readers would never ban Fifty Shades of Grey.


OVERALL WINNER: Online media forever! [Editor: We may be slightly biased]






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