RIP Responsible Investigative Journalism

Recently, I made friends with a movie star. Totally by chance! – Cecilia Cheung! and for the record, OMG! What a girl! Pretty, Unassuming, Zero Make-up, Zero airs, total babe.

It just kinda happened you know, we got talking, had similar interests (wakeboarding), and we speak the same language. So yeah, whoooopeeeedo! I did my part and showed her around, and even wrote a little blog entry to express how awesome she is in person, and what lovely things she had to say about Singapore. At some point, I think I even charmed her into spending winter in our lovely city!

We took some pictures, did lots of wakeboarding together, but, lo and behold, (if you know Cecilia Cheung, you’d know she has some strange affinity with leaked pictures) some pics got to the press. It wasn’t even leaked, some of the pics were on my Instagram, and what do you know, within 3 days of me showing her how awesome Singapore is, and her telling me how polite and lovely Singaporeans are, WanBao publishes the following news –


selecting only choice images from my Instagram feed



(Cecilia Cheung is in the Lion City to meet Western hunks)





(Cecilia Cheung likes her food “Western”?)

(Wanbao picks 2 pics where she poses with 2 wakeboarders (friends of mine) – who happened to see her taking pictures with other locals, figured she’s kind of a big deal, so wanted to join in the fun – they don’t even know who she is!!) and wrote: Is he “the chosen one”?





Her two sons, nowhere to be seen.

Dear Journalists, if you saw, and shamelessly grabbed, these pics from my instagram feed, (because those are my pics) @misssugarquoted you’d have have seen the following pictures too:



(Cecilia takes her boys wakeboarding and out and about in SG)





(Cecilia hangs out at local eatery with local fans and even came back for seconds!)






(Cecilia gives a local restaurant more than an autograph)




But no, you needed/wanted to be first-to-market, and preferably with controversy, because that sells, so you throw good journalism out the window and do like social media – embrace irresponsible trolling, with ill-respect for the truth, and that is sad.


Shame on you.


Even if the pics were fed to you by members of the public, shouldn’t you investigate if the story checks out? Again, shame on you.


I have no more words – just more pics to share.


*singing to self* Digital killed the analog star…








Please bring good journalism back.








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