So SAF is not changing IPPT after all…

We were so disappointed with Straits Times headlines that SAF IPPT “Likely to change from next year” resulted in a flat, written denial from the SAF refuted the entire story. It may not even happen. So it was just a piece superfluous news that got us all excited….



Oh well, but here are a few other “Likely to…” happen news that our mainstream media friends could consider…because, hey… anything could happen!


10. “Ris Low likely to shed 20kg in time to participate for Ms. Singapore 2014”


9. “MINDEF likely to commission a special anti-terrorist plain clothes task force by 2015”


8. “PAP likely to surprise nation by withdrawing contest in 42 constituencies in 2016”


7. “COE system likely to be scrapped by 2017 due to le wild decision by new transport minister”


6. “3 key telcos likely to merge, new super telco likely to be named Mi-StarSing. CEO likely to be named Mr. Singh. Free services to Singaporeans likely”


5. “SMRT likely to set world-class service offering 24 hour train service by 2019”


4. “Merlion likely to be scrapped as national symbol. New symbol to have 4 types of animals to reflect national identity”


3. “MediaCorp likely to shut broadcasting arm citing television obsolescence. Likely to enter internet business under the name Singapore Broadband Company or SBC for short”


2. “Government likely to build climate control dome around the island in 2023”


1. “Ministry of Communication likely to ban the use of likelihoods in news reporting. Law to pass in 2024”






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