The 5 types of Singaporean guys you will date in your lifetime


1. The Student


He walks you to the bus stop, takes you to Swensens for your birthday and gives you his basketball jersey. You write him love notes covered in hearts. (He doesn’t tell you that he never reads them.)


2. The Army Guy


Sometimes the same guy as number Mr Student, years later. Your weekend ends precisely at 23:59 Saturday night. It feels like a long-distance relationship. Enjoy his physique – this is the hottest his body will ever be!


3. The one with the Mother from hell


She hates you, but what’s worse? He sides with her. All. The. Time. For your sake we hope this one doesn’t last long – if he ain’t got a pair now, he won’t be growing ’em any time soon…


4. The one who will ask if you wanna apply for flat


He just got a job, he just got a car. He is ready to settle down and he wants to do it with you. In lieu of proposing, he emailed you the link to the Home Loan Eligibility form on the HDB website. A lifetime of romance awaits you.


5. The One You End Up With (happily-ever-after optional)


Yes, he’s out there. You just may have to live through a couple of the other dudes first! We won’t say too much here. Only that he’ll be worth waiting for.





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