10 Ways Anonymous can REALLY help Singaporeans


We all Singaporeans very practical one – simi hack website? Deface Straits Times for what? Who even reads the Straits Times anymore? Wanna do oso must do something practical mah hor? Don’t say we say one ah, but here are some good ideas that Mr. Messiah can help us wit his talents!


10. Open up MDA blocking to Playboy.com, YouPorn.com etc…


9. Hack the f*#king ERP system and take if offline for good!


8. Open up all the rich fella’s back accounts and make ATM machines spew out money


7. Tell us how we can hack into the restaurant’s cashier system, food very expensive these days


6. COE can hack one right? F* the system up and give us cheap cars!


5. Cable TV – we’re sick of paying so much for SingTel 没有 (Mio), how to get it permanently free?


4. How can we hack into the taxi network and get taxis on demand leh? TELL US!


3. Can you distribute a hacked EZ-Link card for all Singaporeans so that we can free rides?


2. Announce next week’s toto/4D numbers.


1. Help us hack the MINDEF Mainframe and take our names out of NS permanently prease.


Thank you!




PS. Joke only lah – don’t take serious hor, don’t hack us hor. We pray, pray oni… steady ah!







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