12 reasons why The “Real” Singapore bullies 12 Cupcakes


In traditional TRS fashion, we’d like to say that this article was contributed by “Fei Ke Noos, 23, professional journalist”.


1. Alex Tan didn’t get a complimentary birthday cupcake from them (Alex, ex-RP/SPP politician is one of the alleged owners of TRS)


2. They were unable to plagiarise the secret recipes and publish them


3. Slow news day – y’know, Singapore being so boring and all…


4. They found only 11 cupcakes in a box


5. They didn’t carry strawberry flavoured ones. The type that bruises easily


6. Unlike schools, not every cupcake was a good cupcake


7. It is part of a larger scheme to make cupcake prices fall in time for Christmas


8. Unlike 12 cupcakes, they were unable to create anything original of their own


9. They secretly hate things that are sweet


10. There are actually things fluffier than their fabricated news


11. Because they just hate damn cupcakes!!


12. Because Daniel Ong is actually doing something with his life



The Real Singapore is a site that lifts material from other web pages, even mainstream media sites, without permission and passes it off as their own. It has no respect for original work and frequently inaccurately twists articles and titles to suit their agenda.







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