9 other songs that the SAF should ban

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The SAF has stopped the singing of the song “Purple Light”, and AWARE is proud to announce it on their FB page. They say “We were troubled that NSmen were bonding over misogynist lyrics about committing sexual violence against women. So we raised our concerns with MINDEF and SAF.”

Oh yes, stop the song…stop it because Singapore has been raising generations of men who beat their women, rape them, mistreat them, suppress their rights and make them serve us like slaves. Oh no, we’ve never treat our women like princesses, never wanted the best for them and never placed them first in our lives. Surely it must be because of this terrible, terrible song AWARE.

But while you’re at it, why not stop the singing of these other songs also?


1. Eh, ah, oh ah, infantry ah~
(Gibberish, does not promote intelligent thinking)

2. Training to be soldiers
(Promotes violence and fighting)

3. A for Alpha… we love Alpha…
(Simplistic, does not promote creative cognisience)

4. In the early morning march
With a fieldback on my back,
And an aching in my heart,
And my body full of sweat,
I’m a long long way from home,
And I miss my mama so…

(Soldiers should not be reliant on maternal support)

5. “Left toe, right toe keep up the tempo”
(Trance like tune – may promote cult behaviour)

6. They say that in the army, the sergeant very nice
you ask for early book out, they tell you CCB”

7. When i was just a chao recruit, i ask my sergeant, what will i be?
Will i be PC? Will i be OC? Guess what he said to me…
Balls to you recruit, whatever will be, will be..
Your future i no time to see, drop 20 for me…
(Vulgarity. Promotes abuse of authority)

8. Far Far Away in the South China Sea Yah, I left, A girl
With tears in her eyes, I must go where the brave man dies!
(Encourages boys to ditch wives for extra-marital reasons)

9. I ask my girl,
To take a Walk,
To take a Walk,
Down Orchard Road,
Bypass Mandarin,
To Centrepoint,
Where we had lunch,
At MacDonalds’

There was one night,
There was no light,
There was no light,
So we used torchlight,

(Promotes pre-marital sex)


And for the record, Purple Light actually has rather moving lyrics. Crudness aside, after marching for 16km and singing these lyrics, I never felt more a soldier.

Purple Light,
At the warfront,
There is where,
My Buddy dies,
If I die,
would you bury me?
With my rifle and my buddy and me….


And when it comes to protecting our women, we will do so even if it means giving up our lives.

Think about that AWARE.







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23 thoughts on “9 other songs that the SAF should ban

  1. “Booking out, see my girlfriend
    Saw her with another man
    Kill the man, rape my girlfriend
    With my rifle and my buddy and me.”

    And it’s true what. We go army, our girlfriends flirt with other people. Leave us. How do you feel? The song is just venting anger. Siao. ban because of this?

    1. “Booking out, see my girlfriend,
      Saw her with another man.
      Broken heart, back to army,
      With my rifle and my buddy and me.”

      Can also use these lyrics as the family friendly version. However, most song ICs like to use the violent version.

  2. If AWARE has to resort to picking on lyrics of an army marching song, then I think our ladies are very well taken care of already. I think it is a good problem.

  3. 10 songs that SAF should mandate soldiers to sing.

    1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

    2. Ba Ba Black Sheep

    3. Humpty Dumpty

    4. Ding Dong Bell

    5. Three Blind Mice

    6. Hot Cross Buns

    7. Itsy Bitsy Spider

    8. Jack and Jill went up the Hill

    9. London Bridge is Falling Down

    10. Mary had a Little Lamb

  4. Daphne, the army is trained to kill in combat. You’re telling me to include a space for politeness? In any case, no man would agree that rape is okay, though this is a line in the lyrics — misogynistic or not — it is sang by boys as a form of dark humour in the course of their training. Will it cause them to think of women as objects? Will it make them rapists? NO! By extending your feminist demands unto the realm of the army, you are creating a slippery slope in which every single song to spur young men in their training have to consider political correctness. Let me remind you that the gentlemen in army did not have a choice in serving, and it is not in AWARE’s jurisdiction to nitpick on a few lyrics and force change when they themselves do not participate in National Service!

  5. Alamak.. Waste time only…aware really white elephant lah…. Got more major probe like sexual harassment at work dun want to handle , wan to make so much noise on a simple army song. It’s just a song. Compare to women bring harass at work or bully by upper management, which is more crucial? Seriously this aware is disappointing. Why not ban all western pop song? All are about money sex n women mah.

  6. This whole fiasco is a mockery. Anyone should be able to sing any damn thing they want. I don’t see AWARE kicking up a fuss on mainstream songs that debase women. How about promoting equality and serve 2 years of your lives in the army too hmm?

  7. SG is one of the best place for woman.. This woman right grp, if they think SG men is so MCP, everything want “equal rights”, than share equal responsibilities, go serve army/ns. Might as well ban all movies that have rape or sexist jokes in sg as well.

    1. @Purple: Guys come out of army, go to university, see all the freshman girls and break up with their girlfriends for a new girl. Do you see the ladies singing such lyrics to vent their anger? The simple fact is, yes, the NS period is tough. And i don’t deny that many breakups happen then. You sound experienced in this aspect and i don’t argue that may have been your experience, but that does not mean you get to act the poor helpless victim and say anything you want.

      @Gary: you talk about equal responsibilities. How about asking men to carry babies? The simple fact is, they can’t. There are just some aspects of gender equality that cannot be measured by asking both genders to do the exact same thing. I applaud the ladies who chose to take up the national service route, but the irony is, men ask women to serve in the army, yet when they do, they are seen often as tomboyish and not demure and “lady-like”, all traits of undesirable behaviour. Asking women to serve in the army to promote gender equality is not the crux of the issue here.

      @Fyou Daphne & LCP: while yes, AWARE may have a multitude of other issues that they could have dealt with, why ignore this one when it is something they could have quickly settled so they could focus their efforts elsewhere? Its still a step towards making this country a better place.

      This country is one that enjoys pretty good gender equality in most aspects, but what will become of it if we validate such degrading behaviour. Yes, men serve the army, voluntarily or not, you don the uniform as your duty to the country. Have a problem with that, take it up with the government, not the ladies.

      Its people with these kind of mindsets that propagate the slut shaming culture. Slogging it out in the army does not give you a right to saying anything you want. Particularly such disgusting lyrics.

      Teach men and boys respect. Don’t promote teaching ladies and girls that such shaming and objectification is normal and “deserved” by men.

      1. u “ladies” bitch so much in your “girl talk” which u slam the men repeatedly,and u tell me u dont say spiteful stuff against men?oh,and going to uni to u “ladies” is as tribulious as entering the army?who are u trying to kid?and so far,the ones who love acting “poor helpless victims” are the wymyn,women who have sold their souls to feminism and embraced misandry as a way of life.how many false reports have been made by men and how many by women,when it comes to assault and harassment?or just plain acting dramatic and emotionally unstable?there is a reason why anime has a category of noxious females called tsunderes.if u think thats misrepresentation,go ahead and sue the animation companies of japan.i’d like to see u make any leeway in such an act.
        and….respect is given once it is received.if girls and women dont respect us,dont expect us to give a shit about u.we are not some dumb tsundere boyfriend who’s willing to be abused by some repulsively idiotic tsundere.

  8. You wouldn’t sing about Auschwitz, or the Jewish genocide, even though it happened years ago, and it’s not happening now. You wouldn’t sing it on the basis of “building morale”, on the basis that it was the reality that Jews were disproportionately rich, that there was resentment, yes, and that it was unfairness.

    Because no injustice justified genocide.
    And it’s not a joke.

    And the same way, rape is never justified, whatever the pain of ns, whatever the basis of girlfriends leaving.

    It’s not saying you rape because of the song.

    But the very fact that you sing it, and justify it on the basis of “morale” makes light of the issue of rape.

    Let’s continue singing about rape and sexual violence against women to build morale?
    Let’s continue singing about genocide to build morale?

    And such a claim simply privileges the morale of men above the concerns of women.

    Women are making a big fuss over nothing.
    Women are being sexist, why don’t they do ns too? Having not done ns, they should not even have the right to speak up.
    Women don’t know what it’s like, don’t even let us build morale.

    I didn’t know your morale was so fragile.

    If it doesn’t matter, why do so many women resonate with the issue?

    You mean two lines of a song mean far more than the concerns of many women?

    1. many women resonating with the issue doesnt mean its important.why cant it mean they’re neurotic,paranoid and feel emotionally insecure,so much so they need to seek trouble with the other half of society to vent their frustrations?and feminists have been misleading women for a very long time,such sentiments are being incalcated,not born with,and it should be discouraged,but it seems u are trying to encourage such detrimental paranoia.maybe u should go for theraphy.
      so now the song is about genocide?need i say more about feminist idiots misconstruing the whole idea of the song?i wont dignify your deranged presumption by addressing it any further.

    2. shaming tactics are all u can use?let u all serve the army and then we’ll see what u get up to ok?people who all talk no action dont deserve to be listened to.why must men be condemned to a lifetime of servitute while u women get to pursue your careers,and now even have the bloody time to pass sarcastic nonsenses?

  9. It was great marketing tactics. Seriously
    I didn’t know singapore had AWARE until the noose reported this ban. And dug out this. Lol.
    Songs banned or not, Now we all are aware of aware.

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