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I refer to an erroneous article by TRS on NTUC Co-Operatives.

The author clearly has a poor understanding of the subject matter he is writing about. He links NTUC cooperatives as GLCs when clearly they are operated not by the government nor government linked entities. Everyone knows that the NTUC cooperatives are run by independent boards and their shares are owned by the average Singaporean. Fairprice for example, has more than 400,000 shareholders who are union members like you and I. So the author is saying that all of us are corrupt and causing problems to Singapore. Tell that to the ordinary Singaporeans who responds “yes” to the Fairprice cashier who asks “member?” the next time you are there.

The author shows his lack of understanding by acknowledging he does not know what is NTUC Enterprise and how is its relationship with NTUC and the rest of the cooperatives. What was that about empty vessels again? Usually if one does not know the subject matter, he should keep quiet than to open his mouth and prove his ignorance. NTUC Enterprise, as announced in the news earlier this year, is a holding body for the cooperatives. This is precisely to ensure more efficiency and effectiveness in how the cooperatives are run – exactly what the author was asking for. So be he the fool who knows the price of everything but the value of none.

TRS has once again proven its ineptness in writing on issues that are beyond the daily prices of a cup of coffee.


Alexis Tan Thia Khiang







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