“Hire Singaporeans? Aiyo so difficult!”

Wonder what Human Resource people are saying about hiring? Us too. So we kaypoh-ed while they were gossipping at the watercooler… This is what we heard:


“The young graduates have no experience. No internships or part-time job that’s relevant to the post.”


“They think that just with the cert and the honours and the master then they deserve higher pay! I’ll hire experience over empty paper qualifications anyday.”


“Young Singaporeans? Why hire them, just hire their maids lor! Haha.”


“I kena one, first interview and asked to be compensated for her transport!”


“Candidate whatsapp-ed me to ask for directions to our office! Think I’m your BFF ah? I nearly sent a picture of a middle finger. So unprofessional!”


“The interviewer said do you have questions. The joker had a million questions but none of them were relevant to the role, industry or company. Waste time!”


“When the PA asked if he’d like anything to drink, the candidate replied, “Vodka tonic please.”


“Did you hear how she spoke? We’re hiring law graduates not people who ‘stardee lor’.”


“He was late. Dressed sloppily. And sat hunched over looking bored the entire time. No idea why he  bothered showing up.”


“Throughout the interview she was checking her phone. Did she think we couldn’t see her behind her desk?”


“After the interview she tweeted: ‘Job interview with ABC company #ftw But why they pay so low man… #giamsiap‘ Did she think we don’t have Twitter in our office?”


“He was great in the room, but rude and abrupt to the receptionist and PA. That kind of attitude spells trouble.”


“Her mummy dropped her off at the office and picked her up after. I’d question her independence and maturity.”




(Oh and talking about young people and water coolers, have a read at this young girl’s experience: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/confession-of-the-day/i-shouted-at-a-guy-for-being-ungentlemanly-only-to-find-he-was-my-big-boss)








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