How To Movember Make Count


Growing a mo and taking selfies is NOT what this campaign is about.

It’s just wonderful that Movember has become so popular among young men. Yes, we wonder if the hipster fascination with ironic facial hair and the obsession with old-world barber shops has anything to do with it, but really, we’re glad that young men are making a stand and putting their five o’clock shadows to good use. The only thing we’re worried about? It becoming an empty gimmick like Pinktober


It’s not just about raising money, and instagramming a daily photo journal of your mo’s progess. The goal of Movember is to getting men to talk about and address the health issues they face, just look at what it says on the website:


Using scary stats to motivate people is not how we roll at Movember, but the facts below are too startling to ignore…  

  • Almost 600 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Singapore each year
  • Over 115 men die of prostate cancer in Singapore each year
  • Prostate cancer mortality rates are rising in Singapore
  • Over 12%of Singoporean men are obese
  • Men are more likely to smoke than women, with about one in four men smoking compared to one in twenty seven women
  • Testicular cancer occurs mostly among young men aged between 20 and 40 years old
  • Researchers estimate that around one in five people in Singapore will suffer from anxiety and/or depression in the next 12 months


Our vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health by supporting prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. We focus our efforts on:

  • Awareness and Education
  • Staying Mentally Healthy
  • Living With and Beyond Cancer
  • Living With and Beyond Mental Illness
  • Research



This is all well & good but we can’t have the men participating avoiding talking about the issues. Masking their vulnerability behind a carefully grown beard, carefully manicured with tiny scissors and lubed with beard wax.



We say, if you’re going to be an ambassador for men’s health, live healthy and get your friends talking about living healthier lives. How? We’re so glad you asked. Here is a quick list of things you can do if you’re Movembering.


  1. Make like these Movember yoga dudes, submit a photo of yourself & your mo in a yoga pose. Practising this ancient Indian form is known to reduce high blood pressure, lower stress, and improve the body’s immune function. Plus, you get to meet lithe yoga chicks.
  2. Look for ways to eat healthy. Many guys champion the Paleolithic diet (aka eat like a caveman) but you could also do something simpler like simply reducing fried foods, getting your five servings of fibre every day or going for grilled fish instead of the steak.
  3. Cut back on the booze. High alcohol intake is related to heart disease, cancer, gout, dimentia and depression.
  4. Cut back the smokes. We really won’t repeat all the warnings on the cigarette packs. Here’s one that might get your attention: Smoking causes impotence. If you’re struggling with quitting, this is the time to ask for help.
  5. Commit to a regular exercise regime and regular sleep hours. These, along with diet are the three pillars of disease prevention. And THAT is what Movember is really about.


More importantly, Movember Men! If you are participating you should not be:


  1. Celebrating the money you raised over beers and getting blotto
  2. Stuffing your face with char kueh tiao, oluak and tulang during Movember
  3. Work all hours of the day and night without going home. Unkempt is not facial hair, and you are not Don Draper.
  4. Clubbing from Friday to Sunday and then collapsing behind your desk on Monday
  5. Similarly, playing computer games from Friday to Sunday. RSI is not exercise!
  6. Chain smoking


Wear the Mo’ with pride – and remember why you’re growing it. Don’t let it be just a gimmick.









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