Judging is wrong, but it is also fun


Want to judge a suitor before the first date? We can help. Here’s what his restaurant choice says about him.

Everybody’s been talking about Average Sushi Places to Bring Your Girlfriend (http://mothership.sg/2013/11/5-average-sushi-places-bring-girlfriend-birthday-angry/) so we’re turning the tables on men and judging them by their choice of restaurant on a date.


1. Crystal Jade


This man is not a maverick. The Crystal Jade man is a mainstream guy who likes consistency, safety, certainty and someone he can depend on. Not generally a risk taker. However if he chooses Din Tai Fung, then he likes the underdog!


2. Any Celebrity Chef Restaurant at MBS


He likes you. And he really wants to impress you. It’s likely he’ll be eating cereal and taking the bus for the rest of the month to afford this date. What did you do to make him think you’re so high maintenance anyway?!


3. The latest, hottest, new restaurant opening on the block


He’s metrosexual, and concerned about keeping up with the Joneses. You should wear your most fashion-forward outfit because he likes to be ahead of the curve, and his date is no exception.


4. Swenson’s


He’s either still in secondary school or has zero taste or both. This is a lazy guy who has no clue and doesn’t put in much effort. Minus a few more points if he doesn’t order the caramel hot-plate to atone for his lack of romance.


5. Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee


He’s a hipster, likes Wes Anderson films, obscure Asian fashion labels and vintage cameras. Either that or he’s a coffee snob. Either way, he’s judgmental so it’s best you don’t order a skinny latte.


6. Coffee Shop or Hawker Centre


This one is interesting. He’s either a foodie who loves his zi char, or he’s testing you to see if you are  materialistic. Tuck into the famous beef noodles with gusto we say. If he offers to pay, it shows he’s not cheap. For your next date suggest something Western – if he takes you to Maxwell Market Fish & Chips you may have a cheapskate on your hands.


7. He’s cooking you dinner at his place (or yours)


He really wants to close the deal. Definitely not for a first date, but if you like him, go for it. There’s nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen.

If he makes you good steak paired with good wine, and ends the evening in delicious conversation with romantic jazz music on his iPhone after that, this man’s a keeper.


8. Any fast-food outlet next to a video-game shop/mall


Run. Run far, run fast. This is not the droid you are looking for.


9. Kid-Friendly Resto-Cafe


Take Rice&Fries for example, who humorously describes themselves as a 4th-date-and-beyond place. On weekends, kids (are welcome to) run amok, and if he brings you here, apart from wanting their signature lambshank, it’s probably also to observe how you’d react to the kid at the table across who’s bared his teeth and belly and eating crayons, and is hinting you big time that he wishes parenthood, is as you fear it to be – contagious.


Stay tuned next week where we judge:

“Who You’re Likely Marrying Based On His Proposal Method”







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