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This is a translation of the original story in Wan Bao: have a read and decide for yourself if online sources have mangled the original story.

TOC and Gilbert Goh irresponsibly made used of an unfortunate events to disparage the government, they hijacked this poor woman’s death without regard to her memory or the feelings of her family. It’s absolutely one of the most unforgivable things that they’ve done.

WB online (28 Nov) carried a story (“Samsui Woman “Hao (good) sister” – filial children and does not need to worry about food and clothing”) on MP Sam Tan and a group of friends from the Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society sharing their stories about the late Samsui woman Mdm Lu Dai Hao. It noted Mdm Lu’s friends describing her as an independent, positive, caring, a blessed old lady and deeply respected by everyone. They also said she was active and loved to travel by bus on her own, and she often participated in the various activities at the Redhill Moral Seniors Activity Centre.

Mdm Lu stayed in a 4rm HDB flat that is well kept. The report related how Mdm Lu’s children would take her on holidays in France and China, and took good care of her, including employing a maid for Mdm Lu after her fall. Mdm Lu’s youngest daughter work in the finance department of a hospital. All her children has stable job, Mdm Lu never worries about medical fees.

WB noted MP Sam Tan criticising online speculation on Mdm Lu’s death incident, which had caused unnecessary stress on Mdm Lu’s children and being disrespectful to the dead. He added that some netters did not understand the full situation, commenting that Mdm Lu faced difficulty with her medical bills and criticised the children for not being filial. It noted MP Tan saying that Mdm Lu had always been active, positive and living happily, and her family did not have any financial difficulties.




Headline: In the eyes of the neighbours, Samsui woman ‘HaoJie’ did not need to worry over daily necessities and her children were very filial

In the eyes of the neighbors, Samsui woman “HaoJie” was an independent, determined and optimistic lady. Her children were filial and she did not need to worry over daily necessities. She often treated her friends to biscuits and fruits.

On the 23rd of Nov, this reporter reported that 95-year old elderly lady, Lu Daihao who passed away on 11th Sep, fell down at home in July. It was also reported that after being hospitalized for 3 weeks, she suffered from frequent swelling of the legs and had to be put on regular medications and received injections regularly.

This reporter found out that Granny Lu participated in various activities in the past 8 years at Chee Hoon Kog Seniors Activity Centre at block 89, Redhill Close. She was popular among her peers and was known as “Hao Jie “.

The director of Chee Hoon Kog, Dr Li Yue Xiang (71 years old) said that Hao Jie was independent and determined and often would take the bus and move about on her own. She was also optimistic, proactive, caring towards her friends and well respected by everyone.


Granny Hu Runxin (83 years old) who had been good friend with her for a few decades said that “Hao Jie” had 6 sons and 4 daughters, and she (Hao Jie) lived with 3 of the children in a four-room flat in Redhill. Hu said that “Hao Jie” did not need to worry over daily necessities. The children were also filial and they often tailored clothes for her.


80-year old good friend, Cai Yayu said, “Hao Jie would always asked if I’m doing well and if I’d eaten. Hao Jie would also treat everyone to biscuits, fruits and curry puffs. There was once when I mentioned that I love to eat sour plum, she took the bus to Tiong Bahru and bought it for me!”


Chee Hoon Kog Seniors Activity Centre manager, Ms Kristin Low said that Hao Jie participated proactively in centre activities for 8 years and she wore her Samsui wear to take photo with everybody during Chinese New Year this year. She did not appear after she fell ill.


Maid specially hired to care of her after she fell down


Hao Jie toured France last year and visited China in May this year, and had a maid who took care of her after she fell.


Granny Hu Runxin said that Hao Jie was very blessed. Her children were very filial and they often went overseas together.


“Her daughters brought her to tour France last year and they visited China in May this year. She originally did not want to go as her body was weak but her daughter did not mind the trouble and brought the wheelchair along and accompanied her for the overseas trip.”


Grassroot leader, Mr Ho who visited Hao Jie said that Hao Jie lived in a four-room flat which was kept very clean.


“Hao Jie found it hard to move about after her fall. Her children bought for her a special reclining chair for her to watch TV and hired a Filipino maid especially to take care of her.”


Mr Ho also revealed that Hao Jie’s youngest daughter works in the accounts department of a hospital. Hao Jie’s other children are also doing very well and Hao Jie was never worried about medical costs.


It was known that Hao Jie never sought any form of financial assistance and in everyone’s heart, she was a good example of an elderly.


Random speculation online had caused a lot of stress for Hao Jie’s children


Sam Tan berated that random speculation online had created a lot of social pressure on Hao Jie’s children and this was extremely disrespectful for the deceased.


Sam Tan also said that Hao Jie had always been active, healthy, lived happily and the family did not face any economic difficulty. He would often asked Hao Jie how she was doing and asked what she needed every time he goes on his round. Hao Jie never needed any financial assistance.


Sam Tan who is also the Mayor for Central Singapore District expressed that Hao Jie was in ill health after she had fallen down and had to be put on regular medications and received injections regularly. She was in pain and chose to depart early.


“Our previous generation has always been like this, they do everything for their children. Some people made groundless accusations online, added insult to injury and made random criticisms. This had caused huge distress for the children.”


He said that there were people who made random speculations that Hao Jie faced difficulty over medical costs even when they did not understand the situation. They even accused the children of being unfilial.


His eyes were red and he spoke with agitation, “Gossip is a fearful thing. Losing one’s kin was already a huge blow, those unfair social opinions made the matter worse for the family members. These groundless accusations were unfair to the children and were very disrespectful against the wishes of the deceased. Those who are righteous should stand up and curb such an unhealthy trend.”


Sam Tan: The community has many plans, everyone has to support each other


MP Sam Tan appealed to everyone to support each other and mentioned that the community has many support plans.


MP for Radin Mas, Sam Tan pointed out that the government provided different plans and schemes to encourage those who are in need to get timely assistance from CDC, CC or voluntary groups (e.g. family centres, senior activities centre).


Sam Tan is also the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.


He said, “Besides the government and civil societies, individual can also play a role. Everybody should support each other.”







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