Top five Singaporeans that have gone cray-cray


It is either the air, STOMP or the rising COE prices that has given us some of the weirdest pieces of news this side of the internet. Honourable readers, we submit before the court…


Exhibit A: Commando Guy


Screaming in the library and caliming to be an SOF anti-terrorism commando in plain clothes. Riiiight. Although we think the real commando is the dude close to the camera who’s pretending to read throughout this tirade. And check the other guy’s snappy retort: “You think this opera issit? Don’t wayang here! This is a ri-brary!”


Exhibit B: Spitting Guy


How to handle someone pulling you up for cutting the line? Launch saliva in their face, naturally! The best bit is the bus company’s only response to this: “Be courteous.” Ah, the voice of reason.


Exhibit C: Kungfu Uncle


Uncle went for tai chi at the community centre and suddenly became kung fu panda.


Exhibit D: Kinetic Rain Woman


Either on drugs or heavily medicated, this chick ruining the moving sculpture in Changi Airport actually makes me a little cray-cray. I actually loved that sculpture :(


Exhibit E:       Egg throwing woman


Hysterical woman + fragile eggs = drama omlette



So take it easy guys! Chillax, smell some flowers and give each other more hugs! Don’t take life too seriously. If we’ve learnt anything it’s that bus interchanges are a hotbed of anti-social behaviour and that when it comes to swearing, hokkien is our preferred lingua franca. Remember to take your Vitamin B fellow ‘Poreans!







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