2013’s most stylish personalities to walk out of court



In our last post, we talked about the cool vandal that strode out of court in heart melting coolness. Here we present to you the other individuals we think deserving of this award.




With a name like SKL0, would you expect anything but the highest in rebel fashion? Because go court, go once can already. (ok, technically this isn’t 2013…but who cares, Singapore not that many criminal cases… have to scrape the bottom of the pan)


Serena Wee


She’s welcome to doctor our books anytime.


Eric Ding (Businessman accused of rigging football match)


This man has the word “rich” written all over his face. Followed by the words “siao liao”.


Unknown Vandal


He’s so suave, we don’t even know his name yet… email us if you do!


James Raj


The “messiah” that needs saving. After his jail term, he could still be a model for Yun Nan hair care.


One of the 48 men charged for underaged sex


Bag and sunglasses by pasar malam shop. Face mask by 3M. Shirt, model’s own.



What an amazing lineup. But still our accused could learn a thing or two from across the causeway.

This is Anwar Ibrahim – badass level: over 10,000.











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