8 MORE lines 80s S’porean babies used to say but have forgotten


Mothership.sg posted an article titled “13 lines 1980s S’porean babies used to say but have forgotten”

But we feel they have left out a few legendary phrases.


So here are 8 more lines that we most definitely have said, and have probably forgotten!


1. You couldn’t go to the loo without this



2. …and the whole class will gasp after someone says this:



3. Before the “unfriend” feature on Facebook, there was this:


4. Who could forget this cheeky hand game?




5. Not sure if this applies to everyone else, but maybe this is just me…





6. You recite this after someone says something eloquent:



7. The ultimate little snitch catch phrase



8. …and you must have a thousand of these written on cards…

AED5HH Woman Drinking Tea Model Released




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