Riot – and the bottoms of it


Everyone is trying to get to the bottom of the riot that happened last Sunday.  Don’t think I need to provide links to substantiate that point – it’s simply everywhere, online, offline.

Everyone’s offering a perspective, an angle, a story, a root cause.  Events pieced together in excruciating detail.

We have the racist mob rant about race, and non-racist people rant at racist people.  Pro-G rant at opp-G, opp-G rant at G.

There is the inevitable topic of Singapore’s liberal foreign worker and immigration policy. “What’s the G thinking man… Simply too many of them!”

But in the same breath, they go: “Oh but we want HDB flats faster quick.  More train lines faster quickAnd don’t you dare raise the bus fare again!”

The 2nd most favourite criticism seems to be, what is our policmen doing – they seem to be unprepared, “running away”.

Wait, are you sure it’s the police running and not paramedics who are not armed.  Oh wait again, how come they not armed??

But the home team has their fans. No shot fired leh, very restrained.  Really, that’s a good thing. I’m sure riot police everywhere in the world would love to study our system.

And a 3rd recurring topic is that alcohol is the cause.  Critics say this is G’s way of again smoking us out of the real issues.

But c’mon.  What really, is the REAL issue.

If we ask the first man who hurled the first stone why he did it, I wonder if he remembers enough to articulate the truth.

Maybe it’s just a few men, in their brotherhood-revenge mood, heightened by the alcohol swirling in their heads, hot tropical air raising temperatures, adrenalin from the spur of righteous moment …

Combined with the sense of safety in numbers, and boom! All the right potent ingredients for mayhem.  Heck, if I was there, who knows, I might also throw a stone for the heck of it? …  *appalled at myself*

We’re all wise and sensible and sane and deeply analytical in hindsight.  And yes, it’s all very important to dig deep into this to prevent the next one from happening.

But as we do this, it is very important remember to sit comfortably on our bottoms and mind our typing postures.

May we survive till the next keyboard flurry.










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