Top 10 idiot comments following the riots


Whilst the rest of the country is asking citizens not to speculate, there is a breed of online residents with very small minds, leaving very small minded comments.

Seriously, don’t fan the hate and don’t get racist.


10. You so smart you go call Special Ops and tell them what to do lor…



9. Your taxes actually go into much more than two civil service vehicles




8. Guns cannot anyhowly use one ok?



7. Maybe, and so what if it was?



6. I think the term is not “import”, you don’t “import” humans.



5. What do you think the entire civil service was doing then? Commenting on FB at home?



4. No, I don’t think this is part of the PAP plan.



3. Another PAP conspiracy…



2. And he’s in the mood for nursery rhymes even!



1. The top place should be reserved for these guys…




And finally, a voice of reason:










        1. Nothing racist, nothing against FW and nothing against gov jus about a view of the safety and security of singapore!! Just my own view and this moron Roger Thomas have to make me popular here.. Still u wont have my attention!!

    1. keyboard warrior roger thomas, I dun know why my post sounds idiotic to u. I’m sure u understood it only at a surface level, taking it out of context so tt u can post a comment here, in order to satisfy ur need for attention. my post was under my private profile n I salute to u for tediously reading thru ur frens lengthy news feed jus so tt u can find sth to post here.

  1. Speechless ~
    Some people seriously…….
    If you think you are good enough to blame the police and etc, why not you go be one? If you think it is easy to settle a riot, why not you go try settle one?
    Come on man, our singapore police they risk their life for this and end up this is what they get ?

    1. But seriously, I think there are really questionable areas in the competency of our SPF. Nothing political, but don’t you people think the response time of the riot police is indeed a bit slow… Secondly… I think our SPF need to trained our policemen their situation awareness.
      Judging from the intensity of the riots, why did they leave their patrol car? They should know they are not capable of handling the situation and should be in the car and await the arrival of the Anti-riot squad.

      1. Wait in the car for them to flip it with them inside? If the crowd surrounds the car, how are they supposed to drive off?

      2. 1) If they stayed in their vehicles, they would’ve been mobbed and possibly killed when they got overturned.

        2) The 2 patrol cars that were overturned, the ambulance, and the fire truck were responding to the original emergency (of someone being run over by a bus). They were clearly not there to contain a riot, nor were they even expecting one.

        3) They couldn’t drive off because they were surrounded. To do so would risk injuring the rioters around them. Regardless of what you think of the rioters, a) the police must hold the moral high ground and avoid injuring civilians. Imagine seeing a video of the patrol cars running over people, that would be terrible. b) it will further anger the rioters and inflame the situation.

        4) It is likely that, because 2 patrol vehicles were first responders, they were probably manned by NSF servicemen. Their training is to hold their ground and project presence. I don’t think 2 years of basic training is sufficient for them to handle such a situation. Besides, these are young boys with a bright future, doing conscript service. I wouldn’t expect nor would I encourage them to put their lives at risk unnecessarily.

        5) In case anyone else chimes in, no they should NOT have fired warning shots. With just 2 to 4 patrol vehicles (before backup and the SOC arrived), that’s about 4 to 8 policemen on the scene – clearly insufficient to deal with such an enraged crowd. Against such odds, firing a shot, even if it were to kill, would not have the deterrence effect that most people falsely assumed. If deterrence failed, it is safe to assume that the situation will only worsen.

        I think not enough people understand just how impressive it is to bring the riot under control without firing a single shot. The SPF deserves the the highest praise for that.

    2. And in the event if the situation is not in their favour, they can drive off to a safer place and wait for reinforcement from the Anti-riot squad.

      1. If they had done what you said, the action will be another talking point for negative people again.

        Secondly, on a Sunday, 1hr ntm to reach riot site is already very good, how much faster do you think it should be?

  2. And singapore is not a bad country. Is all this comments commented by some of those singaporean that make singapore look like shyt !

    1. yeah no.7 is just making a silly statement because mustafa always cable ties everything haha! it’s not meant to be offensive!

  3. Yup the author is right. Let’s not get racist and fan the hate. even when more strikes happen and the government gets overturned by foreigners in a coup, let’s demonstrate our Singaporean spirit and show utmost support for the new foreign government. even if Singapore no longer exists, lets just stay peaceful and earn our own living obediently.

  4. Certain Sporean likes to complain but it is one of us holding such role.

    They don’t make decisions, often its the high flier that makes the decision, if all of them can make their own decision, they can either “All ignore call” or “Act on their Own”.

    Please understand they have to wait for the “GREEN Light” which is being held up by the scholars.

    Our system is not trained to handle “REAL stuff”, when i went to Msia a couple of months ago, I saw the greens, I wonder if our boys goes to this “darkness”, we will be eaten.

    “All role playing”

    Study hard and get high post.

  5. LOL .. you Singaporeans complain what?
    first riot in 40 years and it is like a world war 2 among all Singaporeans.

    GG Singapore.

  6. Before we comment on whatever issues which are happening in the world. If we cannot verify or clarify with the actual parties involved, PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!

  7. i would actually like to comment about “idiotic comment #4” – yet another one that blames the government for something gone wrong. These are the negative ones who take every opportunity to admonish the government, when something goes wrong. And yet, when government does something right, or that benefits them, they take it for granted, saying things like “this should be the way, nothing to thank them (gov) about”. And that applies to the person behind comment number 6 as well.
    I particularly find it annoying and frustrating, when they say things like, “give us answers, what kind of s’pore are you creating…etc etc”. Sounds just like the strawberry generation, who waits to be spoonfed, for government to dish out solutions…who also happens to have parents belonging to a generation that’s known to be resilient, and the opposite…who knows what it was like during LKY’s reign of nation-building, and to work for what they want instead of waiting for handouts and answers.
    These people do not know how to be grateful for the things they have. Honestly? Think about it – look at what we have, and what other countries have – look at the political turmoil in Thailand now, for instance. Look at the devastation that’s in the Philippines.
    I don’t always agree with the government’s policies, but don’t make flippant and irresponsible remarks about the government, such as “if the PAP can’t keep the country safe and stable, then this government isn’t fit to govern”. Who, then is fit to govern? Sure, who doesn’t want to live in a country that’s nirvana – perfect citizens, perfect government? But does such a country exist? Well yes, probably out of this world.
    You are too idealistic, really. Politics and governance, aren’t as simple or straightforward as you couch critics think. It is not about how voting out the incumbent, and voting in the opposition will solve these issues. Really? You think by voting in the opposition, all these issues will cease to exist?
    It’s time to think about what we have, instead of just focusing on what we lack. Think the US, where gun control, or lack thereof, is causing more mayhem than a 2/3-hour riot here? Did voting out the republicans, and voting in the democrats change anything? Don’t get me wrong – i love obama. My point here is, it takes more than a change of government, to change things. Especially, when you’re talking about cultural, societal, and mindset changes. Citizens, for one, need to unite. Constructive opinions are great, but we don’t need more divisive voices

    1. I feel great to see true sgrean like u still exist. Our country is in pretty bad state now. The locals most of them I dun even know are they fit to call themselves sgrean as they are doing things to harm our country further.

      Our education system need to stop emphasize too much on lang. Yes good lang did help in global market but having more “products(student finished study)” that come out are retards doesn’t help. It just worsen the country as retards now can talk and write of course retarded stuff. As a chinese saying goes “if u are stupid dun say anything cus it just make urself a fool”.

      I hope to see our next generation being taught on common sense, logic, moral values(stop being arrogant and ignorant),willing to learn. We need to stop following wat foreigners(angmo) doing. We are not them. We shld not adopt value like “damn i am good” and maybe “i am better than everyone”.

      Sorry if my lang is harsh. I just hope for a better sg. I dun wan to be look down by other country

  8. I agree, some of the response has been very narrow minded and insensitive. We’re taking things for granted and worse, being ungrateful.

    It heartens me to see that there are rational minded people out there who stand out to defend whats right.

    Kudos to you

  9. Majority of these bangla workers built your home. Alot people kept saying, foreign talent bla bla bla. You all pay taxes everything. Excuse me, foreigner also need to pay tax if they earn a certain amount. You think you are the only one paying tax? Those bangla workers food was bought under gst too. Without those foreigners, you think you got what you are seeing today? Something must have start the riot and that is for you to find all and not bitching about singapore government for this or that. Saying stuffs like government dont know how to control a riot shouldnt govern a country. This comment made my day. You talk as if you know how to govern a country and you can do a better job. If one day, there are no more bangla workers. Will you take the job of construction and do all the shits they are doing? All the best to you and good luck to your pathetic mindset. Goodbye :)

  10. Those netizens are just cowards who only knows how to sprout nonsenses in front of computer and hiding their identity. If they think they can do better than any political parties in Singapore, they should become a politician but the actual fact is they are just a bunch of cowards who only dare to make noise anonymously.

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