2014: A Singaporean’s Wishes


The year end parties are over. There was no snow. We’re now all sober and the traffic jams have by now returned. In the harsh reality of January, we’d like to put forth a few New Year’s wishes to the powers that be.


1.     Employers! Increase your salaries to match cost of living!

Money is never enough. In the last five years suddenly this country is full of rich people! We’re kinda like Monaco of the East. Whilst the rich come here to do business, please pay some attention to the workers too! Good business has lead to more spending, and this pushed up the prices of many things. Taxi fares have doubled since 10 years ago. My teh tarik went from 80cents to $1.10.

In countries like Europe and Australia the cost of living is high and cost of labour is high. In the rest of Southeast Asia, cost of living low and cost of labour low. Have a heart and pay more Mr. Employer. Because if you don’t I’m pretty sure some legislation is happening in a few days to make sure you do.

2.     Better perks for workers

The Sandwich Class people really kena leh. Income too high for a HDB loan, but no benefits to support aged parents or high medical bills. And don’t even talk about childcare. Parents, after being harangued and guilted about not having  enough babies sooner, spend a fortune on private childcare, or maids, or “grandparent   daycare” tax. This includes being guilted by grandpa and grandma into having more children, and so the cycle continues. More childcare, better employer-back medical insurance, and more help for those supporting their elderly parents please, thanks!

3.     Stamp out xenophobia

Recently, something’s going on. People are blaming every problem in our island-state on foreigners. And sadly, it’s the low-income workers from PRC, Bangladesh and, most recently, India, who are the targets of hate. Very sad leh. The hands that build our homes kena all sorts of racial slurs. Meanwhile Caucasian EP-holders are blamed for stealing our women and and cutting our taxi queues. My wish is that all Singaporeans be less afraid of people who are different from us. Different doesnt mean worse or better. Open minds and stop judgment of what we don’t know. And remember that just two generations ago, our grandparents were “foreign workers” who arrived here trying to make a new life too.

4.    Less Traffic Jams…but…

5. ..for my very last wish…

…lower COE please!









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