But maybe Stephanie was right…


Seems (a majority of?) people actually liked what Stephanie said! People cheer for her!

Maybe she is right after all, here’s why:

  • She said “majority of Singaporeans” not everybody

Yes, majority of Singaporeans actually do think the majority of Singaporeans suck. I guess she’s just part of the former majority.

  • She said there is no place for artists

Ya, a Singaporean will say “Artists? So sad lor there is no place for them. But don’t make me pay for concerts or buy their music ok.  I can watch everything on Youtube already.”

  • Singaporeans are narrow minded, and they believe every headline

Well they are.  Except that today, people don’t believe ST anymore. They see the headline news of TRS and TOC and they buy their headline news immediately.

  • Singaporeans are not creative

Oh well what can I say.  The hallmark of creativity is Jack Neo, which majority of Singaporeans like.

  • Singaporeans are submissive – noone thinks out of the box

Ya, too obedient. They will “obey” even what Stephanie says.

  • Singaporeans only want to be lawyers and doctors

Correct lor – this entire island is made up only of lawyers and doctors. No one wants to do anything else, maybe that’s why so many foreigners are here?

  • Service sector sucks

Sure, cos we’re mean people, really. Look at how we bash up the Government SERVICE.

  • Singaporeans dunno how to be happy

Yes, we can’t be happy even if our trains come every 5 min.

  • Singaporeans are not nice

Of course! Stephanie was aggressive on national TV, bashing the “majority” of Singaporeans, and people actually ADMIRE her.

  • Don’t blame it on my parents

Ya she’s right, don’t blame parents for children behaving badly.  Just blame parents for making the majority of us not have our own minds.

  • Everyone just go with the crowd

Ya, when some starts to like this Stephanie video, whoa, everyone starts liking it too.

  • So, tell me why I should be proud?

Actually it’s true.  Can’t be very proud when people are proud of people who are un-proud of us, can we?

Well, for people who admire her for her guts, I admire you for your forbearance while you cheer for her as she delivers the slap on your face.  Yes, YOU.









  1. Majority of Singaporeans are not proud of Steph coz she knows not the difference bw airing an opinion and condescending fellow earthlings.

  2. She said there is no place for artists
    -sadly,this is true. a singing show contestant has made more publicity than artists here…getting this much attention and it’s not even for her work

  3. she could very well be using this to exonerate herself from earlier bad press over the k-pop fiasco, by trying to get similar “mavericks” on her side. but well, mavericks aren’t all rude.

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