The 9 sucks of Singapore



Ok let’s back it up a little. Firstly, a disclaimer – there is no point in my article. I am just sharing my opinion because opinion sharing seems to be the rage these days.

And secondly, there really isn’t a secondly.

I’ve been reading (and watching) articles and videos written and produced by young Singaporeans telling everyone how much they can’t wait to migrate because they are not proud to be Singaporean. Mainly due to what I call, the 9 sucks of Singapore:

  1. The government sucks
  2. Singaporeans suck (unfriendly, don’t think out of the box etc.)
  3. Foreigners suck (they are taking our jobs, they are snotty etc.)
  4. Transportation system sucks
  5. Jobs suck
  6. Wages suck
  7. Housing sucks
  8. COE sucks
  9. The weather sucks?

I agree that certain things need improving but really, everywhere on the planet has some form of suckiness. Some just suck harder than others.

So here’s the 9 Sucks of Singapore that everyone is bitching about:

The government sucks

Anywhere you go, you will find haters no matter how efficient a government is. Similarly, you will find supporters of bad governments too (no naming names!). Governments are run by humans. Humans are not perfect. So we chose a bunch of people who dare to take a stand and stick to it.

We don’t elect pussy willows that sway in the wind of popular opinion.


Singaporeans suck (they are soooo unfriendly wehhhh wehhhh wehhhhh)

I was born and bred a Singaporean. I say hello to the cab drivers when I get on a cab, I thank waiters and cashiers when they return me my change and I ask young parents if they need help when they struggle with prams outside Wisma (true story). It doesn’t bug me when people are not friendly back because I don’t do it for them to be nice to me.

I do this because I want to and for some weird reason, it makes me happy.

Create your own friendliness. How can you accuse Singaporeans of not being nice when you’re not pleasant to others as well?


Foreigners suck

Well you’re going to have a hard time when you migrate to Australia/New Zealand/wherever then because trust me, there are A LOT of foreigners there. And what makes you think they will be less snotty to you when you’re there? In their homeland? Being the foreign talent?

Also I often encounter this ang moh sales girl at one of those beauty booths at NEX and I don’t know if it’s the colonial subservience ingrained in my Singaporean DNA or something but it makes me TERRIBLY uncomfortable when she tries to sell me something because GOD FORBID MY EX-COLONIAL MASTER IS TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING. So yea, foreigners definitely suck here and the only way to escape them is to run away to Australia where there are nooooo foreigners (I’m trying to be sarcastic).


The transportation system sucks

Oh no 2 ways about that, our transport system needs improving. But did you know in Perth, buses only come every half an hour, and in Melbourne, it is not uncommon for train services to be delayed or non-operational because workers go on strike? If you have an exam that day, good luck! And I’m sure you’ve all seen those Japanese workers squashed against their train doors. What I’m trying to say is, yes our system needs improving but other systems have their problems too and the people make do with what they have and move on instead of letting a mrt breakdown or 20c fare hike affect their entire existence.

(Editor: Try London, where good service on all Tube lines make the news)


Jobs suck

Yes the jobs here suck some major balls so I should go to Australasia where lawyers currently can’t find jobs and unemployment is at around 5.8% but I will definitely find a job there because my logic is that the grass is always greener on the other side. Yeahhhhh let me know how that pans out for you.


Wages suck

Go to New Zealand where you can clean hobbit holes for a minimum wage forever. And remember, with great  salary comes great taxes. Let’s face it – if you have no skills of value, your wages will suck anywhere in the world you go.


Housing sucks

Yea it’s so much easier and cheaper to buy a house elsewhere like in Australia and that’s why so many young Australians are renting houses right now.


COE sucks

Yea what is this COE shit it totally sucks they stupid government should just let us buy as many cars as we want like in China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines and oh I don’t ever have to worry about traffic jams because the carbon monoxide smells sweeter on the other side!


The weather sucks

That. THAT. I absolutely agree. I think we should leave an angry expletive-laden comment on the Universe’s Facebook page or craft a strongly worded email to [email protected]


So what I’m trying to say is, (oh I do have a point!), every country has its pros and cons.


London is amazing and so full of excitement, but may the gods of spending have mercy on your wallet.

Wellington is wonderful but there are too many sheep and earthquakes.

Tokyo is incredible but you might grow an extra eye or 2

Hong Kong is fabulous, you’ll just have to deal with living in 500PSI pollution forever.

…and Singapore, well Singapore is just great, but a little congested and sweaty.


Every one of these cities is going to need money to live in, some a little more than others, but they all need money.

If you really hate it here in Singapore, nothing will stop you from moving abroad. But stop trying to justify your decision by making sweeping statements about Singaporeans and slamming our country. Make your decisions, move on with life but don’t influence my fellow Singaporeans with your personal hatred for the country or people.

P/s. I can say these things because, my best friend studied in Melbourne and decided to come back to Singapore to work. After working for a couple of years, he decided hey, the grass is always greener on the other side right? (wrong) So he decided to look for a job with his wife in Melbourne. They proceeded to apply for their PR, and GOT IT. They shipped everything they had there and after a month and a half, came back to Singapore. Why? He found a job, but cost of rent and everyday expenses were far too high. She couldn’t find a job DESPITE BEING AN ACCOUNTANT. Also, I studied in Australia for a couple of years and I liked Singapore better.

The grass is always greener on the other side until it slaps you in the face. Then, it’s red, like the slap mark on your face.

(Editor: The internet says the grass is greener on the other side because it is fertilized with bullshit)







  1. Despite the fact that you and your best friends choose to stay in Singapore, many of your peers who have a choice have left the country for good. Of course I can’t expect you to write anything bad about Singapore aside from its weather.

  2. The 9 sucks of Singapore, no where where there’s no fire bro.

    I’m living in Aus.

    The people are more polarised in friendliness than Singapore. This means, they are either very unfriendly, or very friendly. Singapore is like… o.O neither here nor there, somewhat lacking in depth. The culture has pretty much pidgeonholed everyone into thinking about the same things, through imagined necessities that are somewhat narrow in scope, and shallow in depth.

    Medical students for the past decade or so had a shit time in Singapore, much worse if you were a returning student from OSeas, for the culture related, and how they have bias for locally trained students (even though the locally trained ones also bail junior positions and fly overseas after getting registered – go google)

    Transport? Yeh busses here suck, trains are super reliable though (they follow a time table), and I have a car, so the public transport was kind of forgotten a while back. Yes I drive an MX5 6speed. I can easily buy another sports car, 4wd, SUV or whatever, and I have my own watercraft too.

    Wages? Meh, for comparable labour to wage conversion, and returns for what you pay for taxes, Aus pretty much destroys whatever Singapore has to offer to the locals. However, if I was a stock trader or investor, I’d head to Singapore straight away. The equation has its pros and cons. Then again, how many are actual dedicated stock trades in the world? Yeh, Singapore is reserved for elites. However, rather than Singapore, I’d say America has even more business opportunities, so why settle for Singapore when I can go for America?

    All in all, those who leave Singapore leave because Singapore offers subpar options to them compared to the counterparts. We don’t leave and then find out, we leave after finding out. As for the rest who qq? They can’t even leave so all they have are biased skewed views coming from those who can and did.

    Everyone else who don’t complain wouldn’t leave Singapore, so there isn’t a single one of them to ‘balance’ the viewpoints as they aren’t overseas.

    Point is, we’ve got extremely skewed but all valid reasons for why Singapore suck. Your post attempted to deny them, but couldn’t substantiate with holistic reasons, just niche examples. Singapore does suck for the executive class of individuals.

    For elites, Singapore is an ideal place. For the common skilled and unskilled worker, Singapore is an inescapable hellhole, costs too much to move, and the improvement in other countries aren’t enough to offset the cost of moving.

  3. FYI transport should be arranged according to the population size. Trams and trains are delayed in Melbourne? No problem there are still PLENTY of seats to choose from. Train comes every 3 mins in Singapore? Big deal when it’s packed to the brim. Compare apple with apples not with oranges.

  4. Additionally to your argument if delayed trains in Australia and not so frequent transport? Boohoo… Because cars are actually affordable.

  5. Thanks for you in depth research on housing prices in Australia :) FYI for the price of a small “3” room flat in an inconvenient location in Singapore, you can get a HOUSE in the suburbs in Australia. Oh and a Singaporean just walked into me just now-unfriendly and overpopulated.

  6. just went there, unfriendly taxi and grabcar (sometimes even rude), rude hotel receptionist, rude airport gate staff. office staff there are kiasu

  7. Living in Italy ,Away from the major towns . I always hear Singaporean’s complain about wanting to leave and how things really suck. Sure I agree on some things. Jobs is hard to find here in Italy unless your Creative enough and have some skills to survive . Compared to Singaporean’s complaining that there isn’t enough jobs and expats taking it? Come on, compared to many places elsewhere Singapore is the best for jobs off the bat. But hey I was a homeless dude that dumpster dive and made his way to becoming boss in Singapore. The weather sucks? Try Italy during summer with high of 42c and 40 and daylight last all the way to 8:30pm at least the temperature cools really nice in the night compared to Singapore. Everywhere sucks to be honest pros and cons are everywhere unless you want to Go to Antarctica and just build a home of your own. No passports no world leaders eat penguins and seals for every meal and survive -40c Then that’s the very place for you. I in fact still have the crazy dream of building an ice castle there ❤️

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