When the heart is right, the politics will follow


I read with great interest the provision of sheltered walkways and fitness corners at Workers Party (WP) held wards supported by citizens’ consutative committees (CCCs) under the People’s Association (PA).

This translates to: CCCs and PA supports the Worker’s Party.

Mr Ong Ye Kung, adviser to Kaki Bukit grassroots organisations was quoted saying “If we bear in mind that this is for the welfare of residents, then we should do whatever makes sense to achieve that objective.”

If this is national interests over party interests then I am heartened.

Even if it gives mileage to the opposition?

Outside of Aljunied Town Council, here’s an interesting exchange between labour MP Zainal Sapari, and Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education in Parliament, on principals and vice-principals.

In summary, MP Zainal asked whether principals and vice-principals are given timely pay increases that commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of their appointment.

Apparently, MOE has the habit of dishing out promotion without salary increases.

Is this labour advocacy over party loyalty?

The above two developments are interesting because they go counter to the popular belief that;

(1) The ruling party plays pork barrel politics by withholding benefits in opposition wards that are meant for all citizens and

(2) The ruling party is a one-minded party that stamps out all differing views within itself.

Both of these beliefs have been refuted by the ruling party, but Singaporeans have been sceptical as they wait to see concrete evidence.

We saw two in a single day yesterday.

The PM is delivering on his promise of a strategic shift in approach at the 2013 National Rally, or ruling party politicians are determined to do what they feel is right and best for the people, even if it may cost them.

These are two small things amidst bigger publicity-generating issues, and hardly score points for these politicians (or worse, may be used against them).  But precisely because of that, I see authenticity in their actions.

I hope we continue to see more of this.

When the heart is in the right place, the politics will follow.








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