10 facts about marriage and divorce in Singapore

Sooo… how many of you proposed over Valentine’s Day? Well done! But before you dive head-on into marriage, here are a few gloomy facts you might want to know first!


5. Are you going to be an unfaithful spouse? 6 out of 10 couples stay together even if their spouse is unfaithful!
But we think this is a dormant volcano waiting to explode. (Data by TOUCH Family Services)




4. There is a rise in couples splitting within 5 years of marriage




3. If you have been married for 5 – 9 years, better not be lax on your marriage: your chances of divorce is high!




2. “Unreasonable behaviour” is another way to say “you cheating bastard!”




1. Aged above 35? Congratulations! Your divorce rate is trending!






But it’s not all doomy and gloomy. Here are some facts to keep you cheery!

5. If you’re a male between 25 – 29 and a professional, you’re in luck




4. Here’s a captain obvious moment: the better educated you are, the better your chances




3. There’s a Chinese saying “门当户对” (same class/status marry better), the stats show it is true. 

Except if you’re working in the “Production & related workers” line – why this is an outlier we don’t know.




2. If you’re divorced, your chances of remarrying has increased

One in four marriages last year involved at least one partner remarrying. This is up from one in five marriages a decade ago. There were 6,943 such marriages last year, an almost 60 per cent jump from the 4,385 in 2001.



1. Mixed race marriages are increasing

In 2012, one in five marriages (19.8 per cent) was an inter-ethnic union, up from one in eight (12.6 per cent) in 2001. There were 5,388 such marriages in 2012, almost double the 2,814 in 2001.



*All data from SingStats unless otherwise stated.






  1. 一個忠告 – 希望這將幫助年輕夫婦覺得之前的行為(離婚)

    我沒有準備好勇氣或建議年輕夫婦離婚。 (三思而後行)
    愛不來你們倆那麼容易,必須十分珍惜你所擁有的 – (真相愛)

    愛情來了信心,而不是任意你想怎麼就意味著誰擁有形式。我相信,你們倆知道對方一段時間即能承受 – 感覺,理解,情感,分享,容忍,犧牲,妥協,美和愛……等等。 (不要忘了:金錢買不到愛情=這是肯定的! )

    你們都同意發行(結婚證書)之前 – 要照顧對方的困難期間身處逆境或順境FOR LIFE – (根據法律規定,父母和朋友,以及目擊者 – 但你們倆已經失敗的諾言! )

    事情發生:不要總想著對方的過錯。首先,思考和考慮你(自己)什麼你做了什麼或做其他方覺得越來越離婚對你的?這不應發生,即使有問題到達,需要坐下來談很好地解決了你們兩個,甚至包括父母,而不是(離婚) 。


    我自從結婚( 1983) ,我不,即使離婚我的詞彙直到今天( 2014年) 。如果事情出了錯,我會認為我做錯了,而不是我的(妻子)的責任?更早些時候,我有一個很好的可愛女孩的朋友同事與我和她對我照顧得很好,我只能把她放在我的回憶。我會答應我的妻子(第一和最後一個)我的餘生!


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