10 things I’ve learnt from the road bully


The bully apologises – and quite a well written one at that. The first part of his explanation consisted of a lot of technical excuses of why he lost his cool. I don’t buy all that – he still should not have behaved the way he should. If someone was killed, he wouldn’t even have had the chance to apologise.

Yet he published a moving apology, if you are lazy to watch the video, at least read the transcript below.

I respect this dude for having the coconuts to apologise publicly and here are the nuggets of take away I’ve learnt from him and his nightmare:


10. Nobody has kept completely cool while driving – forgive and forget. 
Driving is already frustrating business, we don’t need to aggravate the situation.



9. There are more video cameras on the road than the casino at MBS – don’t do stupid things
In-car camera, cheap cheap! Better go install one!



8. Always keep fit and look good, you never know when you would be an overnight internet star
For the ladies – remember your make-up!



7. Leave justice to the court, don’t take law into your own hands (unless you want to be the next star)
Don’t hang pigs head, throw curry…



6. Leave investigation to the police – they know what DOESN’T already exist on the internet.
You’re not these guys:

 csi miami



5. The police need TIME to actually do real investigation – stop harassing the police, Prime Minister etc.
You think what, justice is instant noodle ah?




4. Harassing others parents, girlfriend, daughter, boyfriend, baby etc is just juvenile



3. If you look like a North Korean dictator, helpful to wear sunglasses
…and Mr. Quek DOES look like him, can’t ignore that fact!

 Supremely popular? Kim Jong-un.



2. If you’re wrong – man up, apologise and face the music




1. USE THE DAMN SIGNAL LIGHTS (ok, nothing to do with the video, but STILL) 
If everyone used their signal lights, the incidence of road rage would decrease.



Oh – and one more for good measure: He’s a prick, but that doesn’t warrant us being bigger pricks than him. Once again – let the law, the Courts and Judiciary to decide his punishment.


 The following is a transcript of his apology. Adjusted for spelling, grammar and accent.

“..Should I behave the way I should? No i should not and  yes i came out of the car as shown on the video, yes I am fat as demonstrated on the video, yes I am rude.Am I sorry? Yes i am for what had happened. Yes i should not have behaved the way i did and yes I am very sorry about it and yes I will be punished and I know my actions have consequences.

I chose not to speak up earlier because I hope to have protected my family. But never did I expect that by doing so, would be opening up opportunity for others to twist and turn the story – to turn me into this fat, ugly road bully ah beng. It seems to give people joy to persecute my family and I.

My decision show I was wrong to show and trust a society where people would not judge – how wrong i was.

People enjoy adding salt to the situation.

To those who are persecuting me, to those who enjoy calling me all sorts of names, to those who put up my girlfriend’s photo just ask yourself – have you always remained calm cool and collected and never ever made a mistake in your driving?

If you have never been angry and provoked, and remained calm at all times, please share with me.

In the first incident, I was wrong and should have controlled my temper. Why post my parents address causing them distress? Why post my girlfriend’s photo and cause grief to her and her family? I sincerely ask you to remove my parents address and girlfriend’s photos.

There are death threats to my family, people coming to my parents house. All these remarks are cruel, evil and hurtful. You know what? I made a mistake and am paying for my mistake.

But what is the difference between you and me?

Aren’t you cyber bullying? Aren’t you cyber ah beings? Just like me?

Does what you did on the forum show you have good upbringing? You can say what you want. Right now what you have done, you are cyber bullying – is that right?

You have caused fear in my family, you have caused fear in my girlfriend. You cause emotional entrapment, mental torture.

So I have made a mistake, is my mistake bigger than all of you (sic)? Such that I deserve punishment more than all of you (sic)?

Did i threaten to kill anybody? Yet my family received death threats.

Don’t you deserve forgiveness and understanding when you have made mistakes? My mistake, my punishment. Why punishment, my family, my ex and my girlfriend?

The law will catch up with me but you don’t have to punish my family.

Take a walk with me, if you are me. Of course you’re not but imagine you are.

Would you want to put your family, parents, boy/girlfriend for slaughter?

Finally, I am truly sorry for my behaviour. What sucks is that I live in a society that is not gracious enough to confine my punishment to me but instead target my parents, my family and my girlfriend to a world of cruelty.

Thank all of you, because now i know my family and girlfriend will stand up for me.

They are did not approve, nor proud of what i have done in the video, but they did not condemn me to die.

They helped me to grown, to learn from my mistake. My family will stand by me, will not judge me. But forgive and love me.

So I will hold my head up, face the consequences – and to you people the cyber ah-bengs I feel sorry for you.

Thank you.”





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