Go, Go keyboard warriors!



(Animated gif gracefully stolen from Mothership)

This SGK5423P Driver pulled pretty lame stunts, not once but TWICE in a day with different drivers. But not to fear, this road bully is no match for Singapore’s crack team of elite keyboard warriors. Armed with potato chips and a whole lot of passive aggressiveness, our chubby driver doesn’t stand a chance.


Have a look:

Not to fret, Singapore Sherlock is on the case already!




This guy warns the traffic police they face death by Honda.




Better tell chubby Honda to send this guy a private message, he’s waiting to kick his fat face in.




Don’t forget to also tag President Obama, Lady Gaga and Vin Diesel




This guy wants to take action. Will you give him action?




..of course, how can you seek revenge before flaunting your knowledge of cars?





These guys think LTA and traffic police doesn’t care…



… of course they care, because the Singapore Police Force responded with this:




So if you know who these two drivers are, please ask them to lodge a police report. Don’t be contented being a keyboard warrior, go for action! The police has an investigation process – let them do what they’re supposed to do.

Justice will be served.








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