My workplace has these benefits, jealous or not?


What’s the best way to raise employee morale than to make for a killer workplace? Here are ten offices in Singapore with corporate welfare that extend way beyond “20 days of paid annual leave per year”.

A happy and motivated environment makes for creativity, inspiration, “out-of-the-box” thinking and greater productivity than a regimental, kill-joy workspace.

Share this with your bosses – ask him/her to take note ;)




Twelve paid holidays every year. And a “winter recess” (we imagine that means office closure) between Christmas and New Year, every year. Sign us up!



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The corporate office at Anson Road features a buffet line that’s FREE for lunch everyday! FREE!



ntuc logo



The congress boasts of a 4 roomed nursing rooms for lactating mothers. They’re also trying to raise awareness for other workplaces to create similar facilities. Nursing mothers currently have to use public toilets to express milk, which can be kinda gross.




The cell phone giant takes care of staff well-being by offering free yoga lessons at the office every week.





The media company is famous for its huge pantry – free snacks, soft drinks, milk to all staff. You’d almost feel like you walked right into a 7-11 store! On top of that, their namecards don’t carry titles/ranks. They believe every position is as equally important as the other.




The headquarters at Marina Bay Financial Centre has a STARBUCKS RIGHT INSIDE THEIR STAFF CANTEEN!!! And you can get coffees for a lower price than other outlets!


(Most) global advertising agencies


We hear Ogilvy has “Social media nights” that offer free satay and beer. How true this is, we’re not sure. What we do know is work in an advertising agency is usually filled with toys, figureines, alcohol and more glamour than you can shake your bon-bons at.





With food, drinks and parties held frequently at their terrace, we’re wondering how they get anything done in the first place!




The American office feature an on-site bowling alley, use of free electric cars, an ergonomic centre to choose your desktop, massage chairs, sleep pod and yes, free food for everyone. The world’s best company to work for has equally jealous-worthy facilities in Singapore.


Singapore Armed Forces


Free food, free accomodation, free clothes and they pay you to keep fit, where to find? Lol… ok just kidding on this one!









  1. But it’s true. SAF give free food, free accommodation, free clothes, cheap beer…only wonder why other non profit government organizations can’t do that.

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