Your Letters: Why today Indonesia?

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This note has been submitted by “TSS” 


Has any who claimed we need to lower our defense, or those from the Opposition commented on the issue about Indonesia naming their ships after marines responsible for the 1965 bombings?

5 of our Ministers had already talked about it, with 3 personally communicating with their respective counterparts.

This is a serious issue. We must be aware what message Indonesia is trying to send, or what Indonesia is trying to do, or thinking.

The Government cannot just “sit on the fence” in this issue. The Government cannot do nothing.

It may seem like nothing to you. Indonesia has their own right to name their own warship over who they think is their ‘hero’, isn’t it?

Firstly, consider the feelings of the family of the victims in the 1965 bombings.

Secondly, as I have mentioned earlier, what message Indonesia is trying to send, or what are they thinking, or planning to do?

Why the sudden decision to do this after about 50 years?








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