Old-Skool Channel 5 TV Series We Wish They’d Bring Back


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Some day our millennials will look back on the Noose, Incredible Tales and Mata Mata with nostalgia. But today is not that day. Today we want Mediacorp to please bring these shows back for a 90s revival!


1.) Masters of The Sea (1994)

Our first-ever English drama serial was a a cracker. Who can forget Margaret Chan’s Oscar-worthy “crrrrrush him like a cockrrrroach” moment? With its orchestral theme song and tycoon intrigue it was our very own Dallas.

2.) GotCha (1993)

Before Just For Laughs and after Candid Camera, there was GotCha, our very own hidden camera show completely with super hip mIxEd cAsE in the title. We really laughed out loud at Singpaoreans getting caught in the act. Like this one… Wait around for the priceless early 90s fashion at the 2:50 mark.


3.) The Pupil (2010)

The most recent series on our list, we think this legal drama boasted the best acting and dialogue of any local English series in its league. Adrian Pang was deliciously lacking in conscience and the chemistry between his character and Janice Koh’s set the screen alight. And the eye candy in the form of George Young and Keagan Kang certainly didn’t hurt. Intelligent, well-written and our pick for best local drama of all time.


5.) The Ra Ra Show (1993)

And now for something with a much lower IQ. The Ra RA Show was a comedy sketch show with a very local, very low-brow sense of humour and it was where we first met the indomitable Kumar! We remember waiting all week for this one to air. Just Hilarious



6.) Triple 9 (1995)

Phwoar, these guys were so badass. James Lye, Wong Lilin, and Robin Leong kicked criminal butt every week. When this show was in its heyday we stopped playing police police and started playing “triple 9” running around the void deck catching bad guys. Okay the dialogue was a little hokey in places, but James Lye’s muscles made up for it.


7.) Under One Roof (1995-1997)

Long before you time in a faraway corner of Bishan… there was Tan Ah Teck, his family, their minimart, their racially-diverse neighbours and that catchy theme song. A commercial and critical success, this comedy even aired on Australian TV. Apart from the racial typcasting of the neighbours (sweet but dumb Yusof and feisty, short-tempered Daisy)  it gave a good feel for HDB life and put an average Singapore family on the small screen.


8.) Phua Chua Kang (1994?)


A grown-up ah beng, his loud-mouth ah lian wife, ang moh pai (westernised) brother and uppity sister-in-law. We still laugh at this delightful contractor. Like Masters of the Sea its catchphrases “use your blain use your blain” and “best in Singapore and JB and some say Batam” never left the local lexicon. And how about his name sounding like the fourth in a quartet of Choa Chu Kang, Lim Chu Kang and Yeo Chu Kang – genius! Gurmit’s Singh’s hilarious fierce but loveable contractor and the stellar supporting cast make this our all-time fave.  Definitely best in Singapore, JB, Batam and possibly East Malaysia. We love you Mr Phua.

Don’t play-play YouTube got full episodes okaaaay. Bring back the yellow boots Channel 5!



Are there any old shows or audio programs we missed out on? Comment below or email us at [email protected]!






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