5 Reasons Why The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) May Be The Best Thing Since Kaya Toast


The following letter has been contributed by Andy Tay.


 1 – Just the words “Progressive Wage” sounds like we are moving forward and getting better. Compared that to “Minimum Wage” – alamak… maintain at minimum only? How can?



2 – The PWM targets specific lower income generating industries and helps the Singaporean core, e.g.: Cleaning, Security, Landscape etc

Tis’ better to be a sniper than just blast away with a nuclear war head


3 – There is a framework and structure to it. We’re level headed Singaporeans and we like this kind of thing – we’re “rational” people and if there was a career path for even a cleaner, hey why not?


4 – It enables more people to upgrade their skill level, and its portable to another organization too. Gamers will understand this!


5 – Government will be subsidizing much of the costs. You don’t need to fork out much for your own upgrade… why not?


Here are some suggestions to the powers that be:

1) Expand the legal power of PWM. The cleaning industry has that today. More industries need to follow. You know Singaporeans, if not by law, sure don’t follow one.

2) Will government mandate employers to give time off for their workers to go for upgrading? Will government foot the bill for these lost hours.

3) Will they produce lots and lots of material to show Singaporeans, and the world what we’re doing? Each country has their own version of minimum wage, this is ours. It should win an award!





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