7 Things You Can Do to Usher in the Rain


The story below has been submitted by Kornelius

After around 2 months of drought and haze, the rain has finally arrived! But, like money, it is never enough. We still need bucket loads of this to wash away all the haze!

In hopes that there’ll be more rain to come and not have a Groudon-Kyogre situation, here’re some things you can do to usher in the rain or just plain enjoy it!





1. Test For Actual Signs of Rain. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up





2. Smell The Rain



With the busy and fast-paced lifestyle that is prevalent in Singapore, when was the last time you actually paused for a moment to just sit and appreciate it?

Take a moment to smell the rain and feel it beat against your skin, and be thankful that you’re in a position to be able to experience this.


3. Run Around In Happy Circles In The Rain.

I’ve discovered that I do this incredibly wierd dance when I get REALLY excited about something. It goes something like this:

a. Run around on circles on the spot while flapping my arms.

b. wheeblewheeblewheeblewheeble

c. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

d. More wheebling.

e. Have reality crash in on me with the crushing realization that I’m an idiot.

What was the point of that verbal diarrhea, you might ask. Well, there was none at all.

With the previous onslaught of drought, heat, haze and sweat, the current lower temperatures should come as a relief. Just remember to bring your auntie umbrellas! You never know when the rain might come for a visit.


4. Try Not To Fall Sick From Running Around In Happy Circles In The Rain

Medical fees ain’t cheap, my friend.


5. Enjoy The Full Spectrum Of Colours Instead Of Just Brown



They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Have two thousand words.


6. Realize That You Won’t Have To Wash Your Car For A While Or Water Your Garden.



Previously, during the haze, it was almost a given that your car (or motorcycle) would be covered on a fine layer of dust by the morning – even if you’d just cleaned your sexy ride the night before.

The same went for our gardens. Water was to plants as liang teh was to us health junkies.

Now, that is no longer a genuine concern (for now, at least). Nature’s doing the work for us with a fine sprinkle of atmospheric piss! Take some time to be happy over this and don’t forget to set out your buckets to collect water for stuff like mopping the floor! (Save money on water bills plx.)






7. If All Else Fails, Do The Rain Dance.



I remember that my friend played with her rain stick last year and it apparently caused a heavy downpour that wiped out half my garden, which I then promptly told her that she could shove the rain stick up her extremities. But that’s a story for another time, never to be told on Five Stars and a Moon.







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