How to Singaporeanise your password and beat Heartbleed


Time to pimp out your password, and beat the hackers SG-style!


You’ve no doubt heard about the evil password-cracking Heartbleed virus that’s struck internet users all over the world. Experts agree, run-of-the-mill passwords just won’t do it anymore and recommend we change our passwords to many trusted sites such as Facebook, Gmail and Amazon.

How do you upgrade your password? Techies recommend it be at least 8 characters long and contain mixed case, letters, numbers and symbols.

Sound hard? Well, that’s the point. But here are some super Singaporean tips sure to help make your password hack-proof.


1. Use your PSLE or O Level score

If the above sounds too complicated, and you prefer to just tack on a simple number. Why not try one of these? Forget your birthday, block number, post code or any digits easily found in your wallet – they are too obvious. And the humble PSLE and O Level grade are ideal because it’s likely no one else will remember them but you.


2. Use a Singlish word or phrase

Experts advise you to avoid any word easily found in the dictionary as bots and password-cracking software start with these. So why not use Singlish instead? Sia, lor, gostan, fwah, are sure to evade Oxford dictionaries for a while we think. Many sites recommend taking the first letter of a phrase (think: YOLO) or sentence you’ll never forget and turning it into an acronym. Go one level up on the hackers (often based offshore) by choosing your favourite Uniquely Singaporean expression.


3. Remember your MemoJazz

Anyone born in the 80s – go back to your pager days, and recall the alphanumeric code we sent to each other on our state of the art MemoJazz. Remember? 6 was the letter “a”, 5 “S”, 7 “T”, 1 “I” and 177 “M”? Then the codes spelt out words or phrases like 143 and 512 (I love you), 6000177 (Good morning) 60009 (Good night) and our gangster favourite 29125 (Tonight, want to fight!).


Substituting letters with alphanumerics in your p455w0rd is a good trick and it’s easy to remember.


Once you’ve changed letters of your existing password into numbers, throw in a symbo! Like thi$ or [email protected], or even a f**r letter word. Get creative. HA\/E F[_]N!


4. Mix It Up Like Rojak

Be sure to combine the above three rules for a superhero of a password. Yes we strongly encourage you to anyhow rojak. For example password143 and MYPASSWORDLOR are weak, but pA55word143! and MyPass\^/ordLor are very strong. Rather than copy these, but the key here is to invent your own unique plate of rojak that no one but you can put together. No chilli, extra prawn paste, and no tao kua.


Be safe FSAAM-ers!



**Note All suggested passwords are for illustration purposes only, we strongly advise you NOT to copy them. Besides it’s way more fun to come up with your own.






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