That was all my tired mind could think of as I watched that astonishing clip of wrestling on the road. None of that ‘ang moh’ or xenophobic rubbish, really.

There isn’t too much in the clip to conclude who it was who caused the accident, but if it’s only the clip we’re going to go by, the motorcyclist with the helmet seemed to have thrown the first blow. Notice my lack of nonsensical descriptive words like “local” or “malay”, it really isn’t that difficult to avoid.

Must say, though, the gentlemen with the shirt and pants, presumably driver of the Toyota, took his counterpart down with a swift finish, reminiscent of our WWF days.

It’s outrageous to read painful messages and statuses on Facebook and Twitter putting all the blame on the “white” bloke, your words, not mine, and the calls for his deportation is as about as childish as the two idiots going at it on the road against oncoming traffic.

I’ve gotten into accidents myself (none of them my fault, promise!) and the procedure seemed so simple; stop the vehicles where allowed to, check if both parties are hurt, exchange particulars and make the painstaking trip down to report the accident to your respective insurance companies! The need for barbaric actions like kicking and that takedown is shambolic and appalling.

It hurts to see xenophobia prevail in an accident like this, that too through the few of you behind your computer screens and mobile phones. Yelling for deportations and expletives against the white man, very mature. While I’m not the biggest fan of the evergrowing population and consequentially, the prices, I do honor the light in protecting my home. Yes, my home, and any other white, yellow, brown, purple man’s home.

Major props to the lad who took the time and effort to break the fight up with sheer diplomacy and finesse; enjoyed that little yell in there, showed lots of compassion. Goes against most of what we think about the locals being iffy about helping the others in need on the streets.

Remember, my friends, if you ever face the need of behaving like 12 year old imbeciles, at least do it off the roads!

Video in question’s link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=741144145930755
Credit: Video Credit: Rohayah Atan Yah

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