Punggol Nasi Lemak takes on productivity challenge


You have to be well acquainted with Punggol Nasi Lemak – eggs so fresh and nicely done, the yolk bursts on fragrant coconut rice. Chicken wing so delicious, each bite into the salty crispy skin brings a crunch so unforgettable. And the sambal! Oooooh…..


There are two known outlets – at Upper Serangoon Road yes, as well as Tanjong Katong Road. Faithfully serving late night snackers for well over a decade.

They’ve recently opened a new branch along Jalan Besar Road and lo, and behold look at how it looks like:

2014-04-11 19.52.48

Fast food restaurant!

They’ve managed to integrate fast food productivity into the traditional nasi lemak! I never even knew this was possible!

The kitchen looks decked out in machines that are capable of mass production. The ordering system has Point-of-Sales linked up to the kitchen. The time taken to order? You get your food instantly.

And even if you have to wait, you get this buzzy thing.


Punggol Nasi Lemak is ready to take on a larger group of customers, serving them faster and easier than before.

Yet, I wasn’t too pleased with all things. Let me show you the traditional nasi lemak:



Now let me show you the machine cooked one:


What used to be freshly fried eggs, deliciously yolky and organically shaped – has now become templated McDonald type eggs. I’m not such a big fan of that. Even the chicken wings taste different. Sure the flavour is the same, yet machine fried stuff tastes different from the skills of a professional chef.

Nevertheless, I applaud the owner for daring to try a new means of doing business. I wonder how much PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) and IGP (Inclusive Growth Programme) he used to get all this going ;)

If Punggol Nasi Lemak could tweak the flavours and quality of their food, I’m sure the productivity drive would do very well also for their other branches.

I’ll be looking very forward to it ;)

2014-04-11 19.56.33


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