The Best of GoT Seasons One to Three

The fourth season of GoT premiered last week, breaking records and getting everyone all excited. Seeing how it was the first episode of the season, not much has happened. So while we wait for a character we love to die, let’s look back at 8 of the best/worst/most shocking moments of the series so far.


1. The one where Joffrey gets bitchslapped 


(GIFs were invented for moments like these.)


2. The one where Daenerys gets a breakfast of champions


(“Om nom nom nom”)


3. The one where Daenerys gets not one, not two but three pet dragons!


(Pet dragon > your pet dog)


4. The one where the main character dies


(Keeping the tradition of killing off Sean Bean alive.)


5. The one where Jaime loses a hand


(Unfortunately for Jaime, this was before cybernetic replacements were invented.)


6. The one where you finally see a white walkers’ face


(“When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I won’t change. Cause you’re amazing, only from afar…”)


7. The one where Theon loses his manhood 


(Sausage, anyone?)


8. The one where every character you grew to love dies


(Why do you hate us all, George R. R. Martin?!?!?!?!?!)

And one more for the road…


9. The one where Daario Naharis changes his entire face and no one seems to realise…




What are some of your favourite GoT moments?






Share your thoughts!

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