Think before you post: Rachel Yang and the Singapore Atheletic Association fiasco


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The Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) has asked Rachel Yang to delete her Facebook posts on the association and to issue an apology by 12pm Wednesday. According to Channel NewsAsia, SAA “reserves the right to take legal action if Yang fails to do so”.

Should you really put your rants on Facebook? When would a post land you in a spot of trouble?


Rachel Yang is the latest person to take to Facebook to air her frustrations over what she viewed as constantly-changing policies preventing her from competing overseas. Though Facebook rants are common, her position and the subject of her rants gained high profile.

This year alone two men have lost their jobs, one fled the country, and one Honda driver received death threats to his family. One FB group – protesting a celebration of Filipino-Singaporean bi-lateral ties – was lambasted in no uncertain terms by the Prime Minister himself.

Ladies & gentlemen, in case you haven’t already noticed – there is no such thing as privacy on social media.

A simple screenshot took the cases of Anton Casey and Aaron Jeremicyzk public, and rendered Steph Micayle Singapore’s Most Hated K-Pop Wannabe. Sites like Stomp and TRS and the mass appeal of YouTube has sadly encouraged keyboard revenge, cyber bullying, online shaming and troll behaviour.

The fact of the matter is your social media posts are fast becoming public domain.

We strongly advocate you think before you click. To help prevent online gaffes, run-through this checklist of questions to ask before clicking.


Am I in the right state of mind to be posting?

Angry, drunk, depressed in NS, still crying and falling asleep are considered “wrong” states. Just kena road rage from a Honda driver? Hold off.


Is it inciting hate by disparriaging based on gender, ethnic group, social class or other sub-section of human beings?

You might want to keep that particular rant offline. #justsayin


Is it true?

Are you sure? Did you check? Be sure because your word matters and nobody likes a fibber. A fact-check is one google search away.


Are you willing to post it with your real name?

If you’re not, that’s a good sign you’re afraid of being judged for this comment. Posting anonymously is what fuels trolls – the lack of consequences stops them from moderating themselves. If you find yourself logging into a separate account just to make this comment – that’s a red flag.


What is the intention of this post?

Sounds hippie but intention is everything. If you find yourself wanting to “prove a point”, “teach a lesson” or “get lots of likes” chances are people will pick up on that right away. It’s true, intention is everything.


Would I want it on the cover of The New Paper?

Assume your parents, grandma, boss or partner will see everything you post. Then hold yourself to always wanting to make them proud. Because the truth is, any seemingly “private” online post could easily be tomorrow’s top news. Just ask Anton Casey…



Meanwhile, Rachel Yang has until 12pm today to respond. Read more about the case here.







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