TOP 10 PRANKS OF 2014!!


The following pranks have been submitted by Kornelius


Hello, my pretties. April Fools Day has passed and you are still alive and well to read this. It can mean only one thing: You have survived the ordeal of hilarity.

Anyways, Five Stars and a Moon has done a field report and we bring to you some of the best pranks of 2014 – ranging from simple to diabolical, funny to plain a*s-twit. Try these out any day of the year.


1.         Cracked LCD Screen Screensaver

Ever had a friend or family member who was REALLY proud of their precious full HD LCD-screen TV? Or laptop? Or handphone?

Just download this image and set it as their screensaver:





2.         Toothpaste-Flavoured Oreo

Replace the cream of all Oreo cookies with white toothpaste. Serve with warm milk.





3.         Exchange The Contents Of The Salt And Pepper Shakers

Switch the contents of the shakers right before a nice meal and watch the magic unfold.





4.         Place Tiny Marshmallows On The Tops Of Your School Fans Before Class

“EH, CHER! Singapore got snow one, arh?”





5.         Fill All The Shampoo Bottles With Honey 

Can’t say that you don’t support your mom/sister/girlfriend’s organic beauty regime.




6.         Switch Your Friend’s S.O’s Number With Their Parent’s





7.         Exothermic Chilli Sauce

Legends speak of the chilli sauce in Fast Good Restaurants being capable of giving off heat. And that you can REALLY feel the heat if you just hover your hand over the chilli sauce.


8.         OMG I’m Covered In Blood!




Cover your entire body in fake blood (or any equivalent) and run into your parents’ room and scream, “It bit me! It bit me!”

As a measure of goodwill, here’s a little guide on how to make fake blood:






9.         Smear A (Clean) Pet’s Poo Scoop With Nutella And Lick It At The Dinner Table

Get this:




Smear with this:




Lick it in front of family over at the dinner table.




10.       The Classic Whoopie Cushion… Or More.










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