10 Old Skool Singlish Words That Should Come Back Into Style


They me have fallen out of the modern lexicon, but we at FSAAM wish these awesome phrases were #trending.


1. Blur like sotong


How stupid/vauge/confused is he? So blur until like cuttlefish! Are squid really that slow on the uptake? Who cares, it sounds great!


2. Go stan


In the old days nobody went backwards, every went “stan”. Apparently it has its roots in the sailing term “go astern”. We’d love to try this one during a corporate meeting. “This execution is not working, We feel strongly that we should go stan and start over.”


3. You ask me I ask who?


Ask a stupid question and you get a stupid answer. We love the punchiness of this one. Similar to the army phrase, “you think I thought who confirm?”


4. Balls (suffix)


Remember when all teenage boys used to end every sentence with this? “Wah lau that girl damn chio, balls.” Somewhere along the way it got replaced by “sia” which is what all the millenials use nowsaday.


5. LC


Abbreviation of “low-class”. Usually said with a scowling face in reference to some cheapo item of clothing.


6. Why? Because the sky so high, the bird shit in your eye


Oh what a gem this one is! I swear my school bus driver used to say this all the time. It’s another smart alecky, “don’t ask questions, just do what I say” quip.


7. Kena bang


If your Friend A insulted Friend B and Friend B had a really good come back – then Friend A KENA BANG. The modern-day ang moh pai version of this is: “Burn!”But kena bang has so much more dramatic effect don’t you think? Almost onomatopoeic.


8. Buaya



When did we stop referring to men who like to chase tail as buayas (malay for crocodile, or predator)? It’s a great visual!


9. Wake Up Your Ideas


I’m positive one of my teachers said this to me in class. What she meant was that I should stop whatever ridiculousness I are doing, clear your head and get it together! Synonyms include “pull up your socks” and “get your head out of the sand”. The ebonics equivalent is equally delightful: “Ya better check yoself before you wreck yoself!” We like the Singlish version better, but we may be biased.


10. Sua Koo


Don’t you miss calling people who are behind the times, sheltered or unworldly mountain turtles? Stuck on the mountain, they never know what’s going on in the real world. Then again, readers might call us sua koo for still favouring these old-skool Singlish phrases…


Do you think these Singlish phrases should come back? Do you have any favourite Singlish words that have gone out of style? Tell us in the comments!

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