CPF: Comparison of retirement plans around the world

Are you curious about how other countries manage their retirement plans? We’ve done the leg work for you – have a look at how Singapore matches up with Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia.




Corrections (29th May 2014):

A reader wrote in to highlight some inaccuracies in the table above, the following are the corrections:

  • Value in US$ (billion) –the figures cited for all 4 countries are incorrect (all underreported)
  • Personal contribution – the contribution limit for HK’s MPF is HK$25,000
  • Interest rates – the figures cited for HK and Australia have a different basis. The 4% returns cited for HK’s MPF are net annualised returns, while the 5 to 8% returns cited for Australia’s MySuper are gross returns.
  • Payout age – the payout age for Australia’s MySuper is age 60 and not age 65 as cited.
  • Payout mechanism – For Malaysia’s EPF, members can withdraw their Account 2 balances from age 50, as well as Account 1 balances from age 55. Australia’s My Super allows full withdrawal as well as via income stream.






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