How to Save Your Online Reputation – by Anton Spacey


Editor: FSAAM was sent this contribution from a reader who called himself Anton Spacey. We believe it may have been inresponse to this: Whatever the case, here Mr Spacey’s tips.


1. Beat Google


Does a search for your name throw up less-than-desirable results? Give Google new stuff to throw out into the interwebs. Won’t be long until new stuff will push out old undesirable stuff, as we all know, the internet has a short-term memory. My PR agency calls this changing the conversation.


2. Go back to your natural awesomeness


Expert in decoupage? Know everything about Chaucer? Well tell the world! GO back to your primary area of expertise and show off how much you know. My PR agency calls this, clarifying your brand.


3. Pretend nothing happened


This is a classic survival tip, akin to how a deer freezes in the headlights. Admit nothing, get on with your life, write about finances as though this is the most normal thing in the world.


4. Namedrop


Associate yourself with things people like such as “bitcoin” (just look at this BTC sentiment chart) and “Make-A-Wish Foundation”. When people google these things and your name pops up, it breeds positive conditioning, like Pavlov’s Dogs.


5. Add a Filter to your photos


Something rosy, warm and romantic like Sepia. And pose so you look as endearing and chubby as possible. Don’t wear a suit. And avoid images of your very-much-out-of-your-league wife wearing leopard print.


6. Create a video that mentions your name but excludes your face.

Pretend to be giving poor people advice on how to become rich through real estate.


Editor: Hey Mr Spacey, nice try but all in all…. your advice sucks. Here’s something your PR agency should’ve told you (perhaps they did and you didn’t listen?) The best way to beat bad press is lie low, be patient. And when enough time has passed, show genuine remorse, take responsibility and take action to make ammends. The Public are not ididiots, and self-seeking intentions (as illustrated in your “tips” ) can be spotted a mile away no matter how much money you throw at your agency. The greatest healer of all these is sincerity – which you are clearly lacking.



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