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I made two new friends over the weekend!

Meet Mr. Lim Bak Kwang and Mdm. Siti Baizurah Bte Kassim!

Mr Lim has worked in Stone Marine Singapore since 1969.


Yeah, let that sink in a little bit – 1969. That’s close to 40 years of service to one company!

For over 40 years, he has been crafting moulds onto which a metal propeller will be casted upon. In industry speak, he is known as a Pattern Maker. This is the work of a 4 man team and Mr. Lim guides his younger colleagues along.

His secret to a strong body and an active mind is simply to eat little (or rather, just enough), do a lot of exercise (he jogs at Bukit Timah almost everyday). He credits his long service to the company to a great boss and a fabulous team!

“Everyone who is healthy and able to, should work. It gives meaning to life” says Mr. Lim

And this is Siti!


Having been a homemaker for 17 years, Ms Siti Baizurah Bte Kassim rejoined the workforce in 2006 with the encouragement and support of her family. One of the first roles she did was be a “Centre Attendant” at NTUC First Campus Co-operative Ltd. The work of a Centre Attendant involves cleaning the school compounds, maintain hygiene and generally be a caretaker of the school.

In 2011, under encouragement of the school principal, she took a Diploma in Infant Care. This was 90% sponsored by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and upon graduation, was re-assigned as an Infant Care Teacher.

At the age of 43 years old, she had successfully and gradually worked her way up through various training courses and up- skilling.

She’s got 3 children today and her eldest daughter is in her early 20s!

Both of Mr. Lim and Ms. Siti share a common value: to take care of their families and to do it in the means most suited for them.

I hear their stories, and then compare back to mine – I think their resilience and determination is something I have much to learn about.







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