Local publisher killed in freak dawn accident


Jamie Ho, 33, the publisher of Epicure, Pets and Hooked magazine was killed in a horrific car accident after it slammed into a tree near Marine Vista condo, the Marine Parade exit of the ECP.


The driver and a woman in the passenger seat were pronounced dead at the scene.

Forumers speculated the crash as “likely speeding into corner, driver realised oversteer and hit brake, ABS kicked in and because of overweight the car flipped.”

These are video stills from an in-car camera captured by a passing car moments before the crash.









Please drive safely readers.


This is a link to the video:











  1. I am sorry that such accident have to happen. But if you intend to caution others against dying needlessly, using the term ‘freak accident’ does not help. Speeding and swerving hard to exit from ECP is plain reckless driving. If can, should edit title to ‘murderous driver cause parents of front seat passenger untold pain’…

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