Notes from May Day Protests at Hong Lim Park


Amidst the celebrations at the Devan Nair Institute, there was another event at Hong Lim Park, one that of a protest. Led by ex-National Solidarity Party candidate Gilbert Goh and decorated by speakers such as Roy Ngerng, Tony Tan (the opposition candidate, not the President) and Leong Sze Hian of The Online Citizen.

Here are 10 quick notes about what was aired:
10. An estimated four hundred people gathered at Hong Lim park to support the protests.

9. The basis of the protest was to air unhappiness over the government’s immigration and labour policies

8. Often times, slogans were chanted against the People’s Action Party.

7. Gilbert aired dissatisfaction with the large foreign population in the city-state.

6. Although widely discussed online, they did not carry out actions to deface a poster of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, with dog poo, bodily waste and spit.

5. There were many questions from speakers as to why they cannot withdraw their own CPF money and why they have to put up with forced savings.

4. Roy Ngerng highlighted that in 1994, the PAP increased their own salaries to millions of dollars.

3. Roy claims the high inequality in Singapore is an effect of the high salary the ministers pay themselves.

2. Speakers calls for Government to take care of Singaporeans, if not they are not fit to rule, they say the government (sic) should step down.

1. The crowd continue to accuse foreigners of competing with Singaporeans for jobs, housing and medical care as well as choking public transport.


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