Post Weekender!


Here’s what local netizens have been chattering about over the weekend.


Peter Lim buys Valencia

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim bought Spanish football club Valencia, becoming the first Singaporean to own a well, mid-level European Football club. Will this improve Valencia’s chances next season? We’ll see. (Nope.)




Anton Casey is back

According to online sources, he’s trying to “revamp” his online image.




Cat that clearly DOES NOT WANT

This video of a cat being extremely suspicious of this newborn child.


The Dog that was raised by Cats

Tally the husky was raised in a family full of cats so it’s only “natural” that she develops cat-like antics like… (Pictures from Huffington Post)

Loving boxes



Tucking all her limbs under like a cat


Sleeping. And more sleeping.



Looking super cat cute…








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