Value every worker

High wages, low wages, every worker has a value. After watching the May Day “Unsung Heros” video, I had some thoughts of my own about low wage workers.

They raise our kids and build our homes. You’ll never appreciate what you have ’til its gone…


Without our cleaners…We’d be a mess 


It’s easy to take low-wage workers for granted. But this group that earns the least, has shaped Singapore in ways you can’t imagine. We’re so proud of how clean our island-state is. But come on, it’s not our civic mindedness or fear of fines that keeps it so. It’s our silent network of efficient cleaners island-wide that’s made Singapore one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Without our construction workers…We’d be incomplete


Can you imagine our skyline if we lost all our construction workers? Theirs are the hands that built the house you live in, the offices you work in, the streets you drive on and the parks you play in. Their gruelling physical labour created all our city’s iconic structures.



Without our domestic helpers….

We’d have to quit our jobs and stay at home


The humble maid. They cook our meals, clean our houses, tend to our children and care for our seniors. Without them, we’d need more stay-home parents and fewer working mums. And how would we afford to pay the mortgage?

What these images are saying? Low-wage workers jobs are no less important than any others. It is never a bad thing for us to be more tolerant of the people around us.

‘Nuff said.



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