When a Tiger resigns: Tiger Airways CEO steps down after only 2 years

Tiger Airways Chief Executive Koay Peng Yen is resigning after less than two years in the job. His resignation takes effect May 12. Last week, Tiger reported a S$95.5m fourth quarter net loss (compared with a S$15.4m loss a year ago).

But how did customers really feel about the budget carrier, as compared to other carriers?

We snooped around their Facebook pages to get the raw, dirty discussions.

Tiger’s FB page is mostly filled with complaints. As social media goes, most people let go of their most venomous, sarcastic self online, have a look.

When someone’s dead, maybe you should lay off the templated answers:


Some complaining about the lack of communication:


Someone’s not seeing their holiday souvenirs anytime soon!


Uninformed passengers are grumpy passengers….


No complaints are complete without a diss at the staff:


Go see for yourself the rest of the communications: https://www.facebook.com/tigerair

But what about the other airlines?

Most on Scoot were unhappy customers-to-be who could not get a bargain…



Here’s what its like on Air Asia:



And of course, Singapore Airlines



Of course, Facebook pages do not necessarily reflect the health of a company. But it may give a clue as to where your corporate financial health is going. Maybe all they need is a change of their social media management agency? Who knows?


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