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The following article was submitted by a YP member, Mr. Ching.


I am pretty sure that many of you have watched the now-viral Young PAP YouTube Video, featuring activists sharing about the party’s beliefs and aspirations. Sure, it might have been scripted and it might come across as a joke with near monotone voices and emotionless expressions.

Is it bad publicity? Of course, it’s considered a PR disaster. 

In light of the horrible video, I think it’s right to highlight what Young PAP means to my comrades and I. Activists day in and day out do their best for residents, dedicating our time to ensure that residents get opinions heard while helping residents to pen appeal letters to various ministries/stat boards every week.

Different branches function differently, to ensure the needs of specific resident communities are met. For example, the Bedok branch launched a Mobile MPS to cater to residents who find it difficult to move around/are disabled. Also, we orientate and design our queue systems/ petition writing styles based on the needs of residents in a certain constituency.

Could actual ground work be better reflected in the video, choosing to capture heartfelt moments of volunteers engaging with residents instead? Definitely. As much as I dislike this video, I think there are good learning points for us to take back.

We are not policymakers. All we want to do is to bridge the gap between citizens and the government. Many of these activists aren’t just party members, but grassroots leaders as well. Do we expect anything in return? Some may, but many don’t.

Granted, go ahead and poke fun at the video. But at the end of the day, do understand that the video doesn’t accurately portray what activists are like. The broad strokes/visions highlighted in the video might have been communicated inappropriately (cliche at times) with deadpan expressions by activists but from the very bottom of our hearts, the youth wing strives to do its best because we all have a responsibility to serve the needs of the people with a heart. Have we done our best? I would say that there is room for improvement. At the end of the day, we will always try our best and ensure that we serve Singaporeans to the best of our abilities.

Whatever said here might not resonate with you, but do recognise our efforts and hardwork that we all have been putting in. We’ll always be here and we’ll do our best to serve you and the community.


Editor: We’ve also been told that this video was not meant for public viewing. It was more like one of those “lets get everyone engaged to make a video” moments and  was done really for internal viewing at a recent Party Convention. Whoever made the decision to let this go public should be shot counselled. 

Oh, and if you’d like to cringe one more time… here’s the video again :P





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