10 #FirstWorldProblems that are Uniquely Singapore

 1. Lunchtime at the hawker centre, but I forgot my tissue & umbrella.



2. On the bus: Not sure if lady is pregnant… or just fat.



3. I gave up my seat. She’s just fat.



4. Cancelled a taxi booking and now the uncle is giving me SMS rage.



5. The SMRT gantry cannot sense my EZ-link card and now everybody thinks I’m a complete moron. I swear my card has money and it is in definitely this bag.



6. I was so hungry I tucked into my food before taking a photo of it. NOW it has my toothmark in it. How to instagram like that?



7. Inside the office, polar vortex, outside the office operation desert storm! This hot cold, hot cold stuff is like a bad relationship.



8. I came up with a brilliant fake MC, now I’m too scared to leave my house in case I get caught by a colleague.



9. I donated $1 to the student selling flags but forgot to take a sticker. Now when I say I already donated… I look like a douche.



10. I took one wrong turn – now there’s 10 ERP gantries I have to cross!







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