27 Things We Love/Hate About Zouk at Jiak Kim Street


Okay okay, it’s not like it’s closing down forever. Or that it’s even moving for sure. Just, possibly, the end of an era. Please excuse us while we cry into our sour plum shots. We wonder is this threatening-to-move move just a publicity stunt to get people back to Zouk? If it is, it’s working lor. Dear Zouk: Please don’t move! We love you as you are, really we do.


1. The Hot Dog Stand

Processed meat at 5am as a stopgap measure that staves off hunger until you reach Spize. YES. And that mashed potato! Omnomnom.


2. The Bum-shaped seats in Wine Bar

They were actually really uncomfortable and hard to balance on but novel nonetheless.


3. Ducking into Copthorne for a quick make-up check

Then catwalking over to the entrance, #likeaboss.


4. Sign there’s a big DJ in town: entrance foyer is more crowded than inside the club.

Fwah, so crowded ah? DJ must be damn bigtime la.


5. Scoping out the talent in the entrance foyer.

Sizing up the outfits and talent-spotting, for later ;)


6. Realising it’s all NS boys and NUS ah lians.

And feeling very, very old.


7. Walking through the entrance tunnel

And feeling the anticipation building in your tummy as your hear the driving beat.


8. The mosaic-tiled communal sink at the second floor bathroom.

When you were sober enough to notice it, it was quite an architectural feat!


9. The toilet attendants whipping out the super-absorbant vomit cleaning cloth.

No really, it was a very cool trick. The aunties didn’t even blink when someone spewed, they just pull out one of these from the supply cabinet and voila! Spew be gone!



We’re almost positive Zouk invented these. We proudly bought these for visitors to Singapore as a welcome drink. Daaaaamn shiok.


11. The weird “diner” near the entrance toilet which never quite opened.

What was that about, ah? Ne’mind, awesome makeout spot.


12. Going straight into Velvet and trying to avoid eye contact with the under 21s.

Because Velvet is so much more sophisticated.


13. Walking through the tunnel to Velvet.

And feeling the anticipation build as you heard the driving beat of the music in the background.


14. Receiving your Zouk membership card in the mail.

And then casually mentioning to everyone that you can bring them in.


15. The oversized pebble-like seats in the old Velvet.

Very precarious when you were in five inch heels and after four sour plum shots.


16. Everything about the old Velvet.

:,( Boohoo we hate when things change!


17. Okay the new Velvet wasn’t so bad.



How about those amazing ceiling lights? Very trippy.


18. Saying to your friends “Okay meet you in members”. Then arriving at members, looking around, realizing they’re not there, they went to another members, so you’re standing awkwardly in front of the bouncer on your phone. But it’s okay because three other people are doing the same thing.

Good times.


19. Pre-Zouk dinner at Zion Rd Hawker Centre/Great World City McDonalds.

Cheap and shiok.


20. Walking to the bridge behind Zouk.

For emo 3am deep & meaningful conversations. Or to cool down your friend who almost got into a fight.


21. The grey suits the bouncers wear.

Quite hamsome, what.


22. That time when Phuture played decent hip hop.

We vaguely remember this… but it was a while ago


23. The Vinyl Vault


All the music heads talk about this place like it was a mythological land. The room behind Velvet, housed a “DJ library” of vinyl records amassed over 20 years, including owner Lincoln Cheng’s private collection. Where oh where will it go when they move?


24. Fighting your way up to the “ladies-only podium” on the main dancefloor.

Because you are just that awesome.


25. Standing on the dancefloor giggling at the shenanigans happening n the podium.

Because it was rather hilarious.


26. Wednesday Night Mambo Jambo

Whether you were there in the 90s when it was the party of the week, or in the late 2000s when it morphed into its very own dance phenomenon. Even if you (like me) to laugh your head off at the choreography. This was just one of a kind.


27. Ambling out at 4am and getting a taxi at the Kim Seng Rd bus stop with all the other drunkards.

The relief you felt when you saw a long line of taxis just waiting for you to get in. And your sigh – yet another awesome night at Zouk.





What do you love/hate about Zouk at Jiak Kim Street?

Share your thoughts!

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