Seven annual events you probably never noticed

Sooooo….. you think you’re Singaporean?

Here are seven events that happen each year on our island that you probably didn’t take notice of – unless of course it hits you in a big way.

1. Haze


Except for the mega haze of 2013, few people notice that each year Indonesians torch the jungles to make way for crop growing. Last year was exceptionally bad probably because they started their burning a little earlier – when the rains haven’t arrived and the winds were not in our favour.


2. Swallow-Tailed Moths


Oh yes, the little buggers fly our direction EVERY year. We’re not sure why they’re out in full force this time. Maybe they’re launching an invasion?


3. NWC recommendations

The Story of NWC

Each year, the National Wages Council prescribes the amount of increase that should be made nationally. Unions use the recommendations in their (very regular) wage negotiations. Non-Unionised companies also use the recommendations to adjust their salary framework.

This year however, unionists voiced some displeasure. They raised concerns for workers earning just above S$1,000 a month, as they would miss out on the minimum S$60 wage increment being recommended.


4. CPF Minimum sum announcements


Yes, they announced it is going up. No, it is not a conspiracy to lock your money up.

The reason why you hear of annual increments to the CPF min. sum is because the Board is trying to keep up with 2003 dollars. It will eventually stop increasing come 2015.

Here’s the verbatim explanation on the CPF site: The MS was set at $80,000 in 2003 and will be raised gradually until it reaches $120,000 (in 2003 dollars) in 2015. These amounts will be adjusted yearly for inflation.


5. GST payable on overseas purchases announcement


Each year Customs announces this, each year netizens think it is some new ruling. No it is not.

It is just a reminder for the holiday season – why in the world they do this, we have no idea. Maybe they find Government PR too free nothing to do… And honestly, I think they’re not going to bother you for your personal purchases. Bring in a large quantity of something, then maybe you’d be invited to coffee. But don’t quote us!


6. Labour Day celebrations


Did you know that unions, together with the NTUC come together to celebrate Labour Day in a big way? It is considered important enough for the Prime Minister to put in an annual message for the workers of Singapore.


7. SAF Day

SAF Number 4 old and new 2008

This coming July, if your colleague wears his NS uniform to work, relax. He didn’t go bonkers. Each 1st of July is SAF Day and sometimes (overzealous?) NSmen do wear their uniforms to work.



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