Top 10 Fave Made-in-Singapore Songs


Here are our favourite radio-friendly songs by home-grown artistes, both old and new. Singapore got talent okay!

When NMP Janice Koh recently called for a quota of home-grown artists to be played on the radio recently in parliament some said there just isn’t enough good stuff. But FSAAM says yes there is! Here’s proof…



1. Don’t Cry – Naked

This 90s rock ballad holds its own against international greats in the genre – it’s like a cross between Queensryche’s Silent Lucidity [] and any Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam) song.


2. Angel In The Night – The Lovehunters

Catchy guitar riff and sing-along vibe plus oh-so-romantic lyrics. This one makes a great first dance song at weddings.


3. It’s Raining – Sylvia Ratonel

As far as bubblegum pop tunes go, this is a very decent one! We love the catchy hook and the Singapore Idol finalist’s solid vocals.


4. Fly – Vandetta

What a voice. What a sound! Cutting-edge, soulful, cool and sexay. The radio personality and former Urban Xchange member made it to MTV USA’s Artist of the Week with this single.


5. My Desired Happiness – Stephanie Sun

Mando-pop represent. Not only is this our favourite Sun Yan Zi song, it is also a beautifully shot music video – if only we could find the MTV on YouTube! The live version will have to do. Nonetheless a great song.


6. Final Call – Michaela Therese

We just haven’t heard anything else like this come out of Singapore. This singer, songwriter and pianist has sound that will get your head bobbing and shoulders shaking. It’s neo-soul sound with shades of Erykah Badu, Jane Scott and Alicia Keys. We love her wardrobe in the video too – fashion-fearless!


7. My Baby & Me – Alemay Fernandez & Richard Jackson

Here’s one for the jazz lovers. If you haven’t heard this real-life couple sing together, you must schedule it in before you die. Singaporean-born Alemay and her American other half Richard simply wow with satin-smooth performances in this self-penned duet.


8. Method – Kiat feat. Isaac Aeslili

We had this track looped on repeat for days. Local DJ Kiat keeps dub steppers happy with this haunting melody taken off the Syndicate album. []


9. Sussequenlee – Melissa, Theresa & The Frenzy

Don’t say Singaporeans can’t laugh at ourselves. This tongue-in-cheek track pokes fun at local English #fails. We fancy this satirical all-girl group as a cross between Destiny’s Child and The Flight of the Conchords – quite the combination!


10. Home – Dick Lee

Okay firstly, this is the best National Day Song Ever in history. But also, what a lovely tune with lyrics that go right to the heart. This makes us proud to be Singaporean.



11. Why You So Like That, Ah? – Kopi Kat Klan

The three-word YouTube description says it all: “A Singlish Song.” Hilariously silly rap and proof we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’d like to dedicate this one to anyone out there who thinks there’s no local music scene in Singapore – why you so like that, ah?


We hope this list has changed your mind – it’s only the tip of the Iceberg.

See also: Charlie Lim, Wweissh, Plain Sunset, Shigga Shay, Kevin Lester, The Sam Willows, The Steve McQueens, Lunarin, The Great Spy Experiment, Olivia Ong, Corinne May, Tanya Chua, Monster Cat, DJ Xhin, Cherry Chan, Darker Than Wax, The Mighty Mighty, We The Thousands, Caracal, MiCapella, Nathan Hartono, Sixx, Tim De Cotta, Listen And Believe (LAB). The list goes on and on and on.


At least a good few days of airtime there already, no?


And if you still don’t believe, tune in to the newly revamped Lush 995. The radio station is championing local artists with under its Lush Loves Local umbrella.


We’ve never been more proud of our home-grown artists.







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